Thursday, September 27, 2012

just a hunch

"I don't think she's telling me everything," Randi said as Zeke was slicing up apples for the pie.

Randi was busy with the pie crust while the baby was in her swing watching them in the kitchen.

"Well, do you tell Natalie everything?" He slightly smirked.

"Sort of." Randi shrugged back as she continued rolling out the thin pie crust. "I mean I used to. I did. I couldn't help it. But she's always been a private person."

"I'm sure she'll have lots to tell you about her Paris trip." Zeke filled up the big bowl with slices of the apples from Randi and Sammi's Apple picking adventure.

"I hope she'll like my pie." Randi told him that she wasn't the perfectionist when it came to baking like Natalie. "She might as well be Martha Stewart's clone."

"You know, you two get along. She's never dissed any of your dishes." Zeke informed her, but then he winced because he couldn't recall Natalie eating anything Randi made. Besides, Randi seemed to enjoy cooking more when he helped. He was glad it was a team effort because he didn't like cooking alone.

"I bet she's married." Randi sounded as if she'd made the right guess. She was ready for the apples. Cinnamon and brown sugar were waiting to combine for the masterpiece. Natalie was coming home and Randi would have a pie waiting for her.


ivy said...

Interesting hunch that Randi has!

Bex said...

A fun conversation!

Scarlett and Eva said...

Most definitely a sweet moment!

ellie said...

Wow! Such a new look!

I'm glad they are happy together!

Always Unlucky said...

Nice this is impressive article. Keep , keep posting.From India

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope this homecoming goes well. :/

Chris Ed said...

I like the talk during the pie preparation.
I love the new blog layout!