Friday, September 21, 2012

on a ride

"We need more fun." Randi decided when she picked up Sammi to go apple picking. Randi wore her most relaxed jeans, but she was in her trusty work boots too. It was definitely sweater weather now, and she was wearing one of Zeke's old cardigans, because it was comfort to be in his clothes and she liked his musk cologne too.

"I dunno, is this fun?" Sammi was all smiles as she loaded up her baskets in Randi's trunk. Zeke was with Ari. It was the two girls on this roadtrip to the country.

"Just a couple more days until Natalie's back." Randi was still smiling. Sammi not so much even if she looked a bit tired but she was in jeans, her high tops and of course, her favorite lavender plaid shirt. Randi was hoping she'd warn that old sweater of her out, but the old thing hung to her very thin body.

"Hey, its gonna be fine." Randi told her. She noticed Sammi engagement ring. "Nat is not like Caitlin."

Randi knew how Caitlin treated Sammi. It wasn't exactly bad, but she treated her as if she weren't even there.

"Besides, she bringing a fella back." Randi was ever so giddy about it.

"For a visit, or something?" Sammi asked.

"I have no idea, but it sounds like she's in love." Randi could almost sing a song as she slipped in some Katy Perry tunes in the CD player for their drive.

"Wow." Sammi said but not all that enthusiastic."I'm..I'm really happy for her."

"I know you are. And, I really think she's happy for you too." Randi nodded as she drove past the last of the housing areas toward the rolling hills of corn fields.

"She said something about me?" Sammi looked at her wide eyed as if she might be in trouble.

"Not specifically, but I'm sure she's not that mad at you." Randi shrugged.

"I'm sure she hates me." Sammi sighed as she looked out the window.

"Why would she hate you?" Randi looked over at Sammi as she steadied the stirring wheel.

"I totally deserve it." Sammi hugged herself, bringing her old grey sweater tighter around her.

"Just because of you and Smed?" Randi thought that was ridiculous.

"No, before ..that. I've done some miserable things to Natalie..and and she's like the best friend in the world. I just messed up." She sounded so sad. "I really wish I had a good answer for all the things I did..but I don't."

"Look, we all do stupid things. Especially, college." Randi smiled. "The things I could tell you. But I won't. Live and learn I say. Live and learn."


Cafe Fashionista said...

Apple picking is the perfect fall activity!! :)

ellie said...

Its good to see Ricki and Sammi talking.

ivy's closet said...

Definitely Apple picking time. A lot to look forward too.

Chris Ed said...

I like the final words!