Saturday, September 29, 2012

one summer

It was hard to say goodbye. So Natalie didn't. It was the first time she'd ever let herself do this with anyone. Honestly, she couldn't explain it to her mother. She didn't even attempt it with Randi.

She was certain her heart would break if she left Hallum.

Initially, she was suppose to be back over a month ago, but instead she'd taken Hallum up on his offer for a visit at his folks. Maybe it was looking at all his baby pictures of him that sealed the deal. She'd hate for anyone to think she was an idiot. But she truly thought he would be perfect to start a family with.

Although, he liked to read when he ate. He was a hoarder of classic books. But she liked the cinnamon scent of his old cardigan which she could not part with.Yes, perhaps she'd been bitten by the lovebug. What was the matter with her?

His little sister even told her all the things wrong with him. Hal was shy. Had two left feet. "Some people have thought he was mental." His little sister was full of his faults, but Natalie laughed at every detail his sister dwelt on.

Of course, she knew a few things his sister didn't know.

Natalie was certain it was all in the kiss. The way he leaned in. Always listening intently. His smile was quaint and his temper was usually a little twitch at the lips, careful to articulate clearly and then ponder a bit.

"Oh, he's going on 72." His sister complained. He was not a beastie boy out for fun. He loved Scrabble and crossword puzzles. Actually, any puzzle would do. He was into patterns too. From music. Math. Even nature.

His sister's words made her laugh every time Natalie thought of her saying that about him. And here she was on a plane, going home with her husband.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Goodbyes are never easy. :(

ellie said...

That's a big step!

Chris Ed said...

Really big step and important decision!

Scarlett and Eva said...

I hope she's happy. I'm sure she is.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, goodness. I guess sometimes it great to just GO WITH IT!

Ewelina said...

amazing post!