Wednesday, October 3, 2012

chatting it up

"So, you and your mom made up?" Megan was happy to hear from Caitlin. She missed not seeing her. If only, she'd spent more fun times with her when she was with Caitlin, Megan knew she'd miss her just as much.

"It wasn't like we hated each other, you know." Caitlin sounded as if Megan was trying to make problems.

"I didn't mean it that way." Megan was lounging around on her bed, thinking about taking a walk. Lately, she wanted to sleep at the strangest times, then suddenly be full of energy to take off somewhere. She'd gone to a few museums with out Derrick, lately. She'd finally settled on finding her own way around, and now she wondered what she was so afraid of.

"I know." Caitlin sounded distant.

"So you're home now?" Megan asked wanting to know how she was actually coping.

"Yeap." Her answers were rather simple.

"You're not exercising are you?" Megan leaned back and hung her head off the bed as if it were a simple yoga move she could get out of anytime she liked.

"I'm only walking fast." She informed her.

It sounded more like jogging to Megan.

"God, can't you quit exercising? You can't be on the phone with me and jog at the same time. What if you get ran over?" Megan squinted.

"I ate too much at my parents. Mom, made all my favorites. It wasn't like I was there that long." Caitlin sighed. "I just feel fat."

"When have you never felt fat?" Megan touched her stomach thinking she really hadn't gained an ounce since finding out she was pregnant. But then she sat up and her skinny black jeans felt so tight. She unbuttoned her pants.

"Can we not talk about this?" Caitlin sounded a bit out of breath. Megan knew she was over doing it. She knew weight was a very sore subject with her.

"You looked great, you know, over the summer. I think you even lost weight ..when..when you were with Dung." Megan gritted then. How could she have said that?

"Well, he's not here now." She made it sound as if it were his job to keep her, her skinny self.

"But..but you're ..OK? Right?" Megan yearned for these phone calls, but here she was being her bad self. She didn't mean too. But there was so much she wanted to know. How were things really with Caitlin and Smed? Megan was certain Caitlin wasn't talking to Sammi.

A sudden frightening thought found Megan. What if Caitlin and Sammi became friends?


Chris Ed said...

I have a little mention/award on my blog for you, I hope you like it:)

ellie said...

Oh, so glad they are talking, but I'm not sure that's the best subject.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Caitlin is okay. :/

Chris Ed said...

Cool that they have a talk...

Bex said...

Leave it to Meg to always be a bit jealous. I think Cait can take care of herself.

Josie said...

I wish Megan would let loose a bit...
xo Josie