Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Don't make me tongue-tied

"Well, didn't you make yourself invisible?" Hattie teased Timo, who was busy with his piece of cake. He stood while she sat down on his bed with her chunk of cake. She made herself comfortable in her thrifted sweater dress. A part of her wanted to kick of her cowboy boots, but she thought it best to keep them on since he wasn't exactly acting as if he might want her to stay. She patted down a place for him. Finally, he sat next to her as she looked at the bare walls. It was more of a jail cell of some kind. She decided.

"You, don't entertain much, I see." She looked at him, but he had a mouth full of cake which she thought was funny.

"Not if I can help it." He shrugged.

"Yes, you just want to be at my place making cup cakes." She thought maybe he'd missed his calling.

"You know, I can't cook." He shrugged.

Hattie nodded. Perhaps that was why he'd came to this little party, the food.

"Alex is a self-taught chef." Hattie informed him.

"But I'm not the one with the cup-cake maker, you are." He looked at her slyly as if he had no intentions of baking or anything else with her around.

"Well, I haven't had it that long." She'd found it at Good Will and snatched it quickly. She spent her hard earned pay check on it. Of course, she had her doubts about it, but the carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing were definitely sublime. However, the store bought cake for Natalie's homecoming was quite lovely. "I hope they are enjoying this up, upstairs." She savored each bite, wishing she could make something just as wonderful. It was quiet for sometime as they ate.

"I wish I could travel, like that." Hattie finally said. "Maybe."

"I'm not really good at traveling." Timo decided.

"But you lived in New York City." She looked at him.

"Yeah, so." He sighed. "Lots to do, but it always takes money to enjoy it, you know."

"I guess." She nodded.

"See, if I was more like my father, I would be thinking up ways to make money." He told her.

"Well, they are needing extra zombies at the Haunted House that's opening this week. You could make 20 bucks a night." Hattie saw a sign for it on the bulletin board as she was coming out of the grocery store.

"A zombie?" He looked at her as if she were kidding.

"It could add up." She told him.

"We could save up." He smiled then. "Buy a food truck, and you could sale your cupcakes."

Hattie didn't think anyone would ever be quite that wild about her cupcakes. "If you want, I'll do the zombie thing with you."

"They've probably casted the whole thing by now." Timo winced.

"Oh, but I'm sure they need fresh meat." Hattie smirked. After all, weren't friends suppose to encourage each other.


ellie said...

I hope they aren't moving too fast.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Timo sure knows how to sweet-talk people - such a con-man. :/

Sara said...

Timo seems to be on better behavior here. At least it looks like it...

mazzy may said...

I think he needs a friend like her.

lucy and sarah said...

I think she wants to be more than friends.

Chris Ed said...

Really sweet conversation! they are cool together.

Josie said...

I feel like they're moving entirely too quickly.
xo Josie

cady said...

Fun dialogue!

I love the name Hattie. You so rarely see that anywhere. Growing up, I remember there were these books about this little girl named Hattie who was always getting into scrapes.