Friday, October 5, 2012

Here they come

Alfie didn't know why he was here to pick up Natalie at the airport. He guessed she wanted him to meet Hallum first. Yet, he felt as if he were possibly a clown with his thick mop of curly hair pushing out at the sides of his cap.

He gritted a smile. He didn't want Natalie to think he was sad, but he was. He just couldn't help it. Of course, he really had no one talk to about the Sheila fiasco. It was best to keep silent about it and hope it was all better now, and that nothing would come back to haunt him.

Alfie hated the thought that he'd made Sheila angry, but she had high school ahead of her. He hoped she would some how find a way to enjoy that time. Now as he checked his watch, he thought he had a lot of time on his hands. Paul was in school at the moment. He had a good six hours to kill before going to pick him up. Still, he hoped Natalie's plane was on time. Thankfully, it was.

When he saw her, he thought of how beautiful she looked. Her hair was longer. And the guy she was with looked as if he came right off the top of a wedding cake. British version with the black turtle neck and herringbone blazer. He was spiffy. Alfie couldn't think any of them, back at the house, dressed as well as he did. And those weren't sneakers Hallum was wearing, either. Real brown leather shoes.

Alf thought he might disappear, but it was too late, Natalie found him.

She gave him a hug, and for a moment he felt as if he was in a soft bed of lavender. He blinked to wake up with a quick smile. He shook Hallum's hand as she introduced him.

"Its nice to meet you." Alfie grinned more. He guessed that was all he could do. Of course, Hallum gave him the look over.

"I hear you're a Nanny?" Hallum looked at him a bit perplexed as if he might be out of uniform in his skinny jeans and his baggy Race for a Cure for Cancer Tee-shirt his mother sent him.

"More like a baby-sitter." Alfie winced a grin.

"You are still staying at the house, aren't,you?" Natalie wanted to know as they went to Smed's old Honda Accord that Alfie borrowed.

"Yeah." He nodded.

"So what about your friend?" Natalie asked about Hattie.

"She's around. But she doesn't live at the house." Alfie nodded.

"But she's better?" Natalie was concerned.

"Oh yeah, she's working." Alfie left it at that. He really never talked to Hattie anymore. There was just no need too.


ellie said...

Interesting how Alfie feels about Hallum.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad he was there to welcome her home.

lucy and sarah said...

I dunno if they'll get along.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Strange about Alfie. :/

Chris Ed said...

May be it was better not to come to the airport. Strange situation for Alfie.