Saturday, October 13, 2012

if you go

Sammi admired the matching pink tams that Natalie gave to Randi and Ari.

"I've always wanted to go to Paris." Sammi hugged herself tight, still not sure she should join in on the conversation. After all, Natalie and Randi were cousins. Perhaps they needed to talk alone.

"Its a beautiful place I love to visit. Not sure I'd want to live there." Natalie told them. "I think you have to be a certain sort of urbanite who can embrace all the ...people." She told them about where they lived now. "Its so quaint. I like it."

"So do you live in the city?" Sammi asked thinking this was no time to talk about herself.

"No, its a cottage. Just last year, his parents put in a modern kitchen." She said the washer and dryer were in the kitchen. "I dunno if I'll ever get used to that." She smiled. But she said she loved the home. She mentioned the rowdy bunch she'd had to deal with over the summer when she was in Paris.

"So what are you going to do now?" Randi wondered if her studies were on hold.

"There is a chance I could work at the University in the spring." Natalie shrugged. Of course, there was paperwork involved with the University she attended here.

"Like, you'll be working with your husband?" Randi smiled as if that would be great.

"I doubt I get his department, but it would be academic." Natalie seemed sat on making new roots.

Sammi kept observing, wishing she could figure her own life out so easily. Still, she felt as if she was on the right course.

"I still want to be a teacher." Sammi finally spoke up. "You'll have to let me know, how it goes. We should keep in touch."

"Sure." Natalie said ever so reluctant. "I heard you were really sick over the summer."

Sammi nodded. "Better now." She guessed she'd recovered. Except, she felt so much older now. Maybe she felt wiser, too.


ellie said...

Hopefully, they'll stay connected.

ivy's closet said...

I think they've all started a new chapter in their lives. I hope they'll be there for each other.

Syd said...

I think Sammi has grown up a lot.

Chris Ed said...

It's a new start and hopefully they stay in touch.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Wiser is always a good thing. :)

lucy and sarah said...

I think they are all making their own paths.

circleofchaos said...

Nice post.
Maybe follow each other???
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