Tuesday, October 9, 2012

in the crux of it

"Mom, wants us to go through this whole wedding mess, again." Natalie said the first thing when met up with Randi at Sammi's.

 Natalie and Hal made a quick stop at her parents to drop off their things. They'd spent a good thirty minutes or so talking with her parents. Of course, Hal looked as if he was ready for a nap already, but it would look awkward if they were a no show.

"Well, you are, aren't you?" Randi looked at her as if it were a no brainer.

Natalie laughed and put her arm around Randi's shoulder as if she had to be kidding.

"You really, think so?" Natalie winced hard, not wanting to upset her mother.

"Why not?' Randi shrugged.

It was true her parents weren't there for her little impromptu country wedding. Also is was not in a temple, but a church. Suddenly, Natalie felt guilty about a lot of things. She had no idea Hal would even go for a Jewish wedding. This had not been on her mind. Until now.

"So, how long are you going to be here?" Randi looked at her out of the corner of her eye.

Natalie hugged herself, as she looked around. Finally, she noticed Smed was there, but he was too busy playing with the baby. Finally, he came over with Ari and asked how her trip was. She wasn't sure she could speak. She'd been so mad at him, and he looked as if nothing ever happened now.

"Which one?" She found her self asking. It was a bit awkward, but Smed kept smiling and finally tried to give Ari to her, but she wouldn't go. She liked Smed. Everybody liked Smed. Natalie gritted a smile thinking this was all to soon. She liked being away from here. Honestly, this was not home anymore.

She went to Hal's side. She told them he'd be teaching at a University, but it wasn't here. It was back in England.

Soon enough, Alex told everyone it was time to eat so they went into the dining room they never used. It was big enough to hold the whole group, even Alfie and Hattie who had to squeeze in next to each other.

Natalie looked around at the group. Smed introduced her Timo, his brother. "And you know, Hattie." Hattie gave a little wave as she was still sipping on her diet Dr. Pepper.

Yes, there were some new faces. She saw Sammi next to Smed, and down at the other end Caitlin was sitting between Logan and Alex. Of course, Caitlin wouldn't look her in the eye.

Natalie took Hal's hand. A part of her hated to sit through this. Her mom was probably disappointed that she  wasn't having dinner with them. Suddenly, she felt so tensed. She hated this feeling. On one hand, she had parents that expected a certain reality from her and she'd defied them so accidentally. But she was Hal's wife now, and she'd loved being his wife until now.


Sara said...

I hate that she is forced to feel this way :(

ellie said...

Such a wake up call. I hope she doesn't regret following her heart.

Josie said...

She has such conviction.
xo Josie

Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a bad experience for Natalie. :(