Saturday, October 27, 2012

Its getting to look a lot like Halloween

Alex always liked to carve the scariest Jack-O-Lanterns. Logan watched. He was sure of it now, Alex would be the perfect Dad, but he just couldn't say when that might be.

"What?" Alex looked at him as if Logan shouldn't keep secrets.

"Nothing." He pushed his hands in his back jean pockets, further. It was getting chilly in the late evening air. It would be Halloween soon.

Alex looked his handy work over. Yes, it would be quite scary. He put in the small battery light. No way would there be any accidents. It was like Alex to spend money on things like this for the holiday.

Honestly, Logan could forget all about Halloween, stay in and play video games, but he was certain they'd be out and about all dressed up for the zoo Halloween party. Alex was going to be Frankenstein this year.

Finally Logan hugged himself in his old bulky stripped sweater.

"We going to check out the haunted house tonight?" Logan reminded him that this was Hattie and Timo's first zombie night. "She said she'd be the one with the axe stuck in her head."

"I guess we should go for their debut, but I think Caity is coming with us. I asked Gavin too." Alex shrugged as he set the big scary Jack-O-Lantern out on the porch, and then went inside to find Caitlin.

Logan didn't say anything, but he was beginning to think this might be a set up of some kind. He hoped Caitlin approved. He was pretty sure Gavin didn't mind. Before he knew it, Gavin parked in the driveway with a big grocery sack of candy.

"I found a great place for Halloween." Gavin told him as he offered Logan a sucker. "You ever gone to Candy Town?"

Logan shook his head no as he popped the sucker in his mouth.

"Perfect first date potential." Gavin smiled with a nod.

"You get the candy there?" Logan was pretty sure this was an ordinary Tootsie Pop sucker in his mouth.

"Naw, got it at Baker's." Gavin shrugged as he stared at the lit up pumpkin.

"So, you going to take somebody on a date to this place?" Logan asked as he nursed on his pre-Halloween candy.

"No." Gavin winced with a bit of a chuckle. "Who am I kidding, that would be so lame. Its just one of those places you hate being alone in, because everyone else is with someone, or with their kids. God, I sound depressing."

"Maybe we could stop by their before we go to the Haunted House." Logan told him.

Alex showed up with Caitlin then who was in her gray wool sweater and skinny mustard jeans.

"Go where?" She looked at them as if she was confused about tonight's adventure.

"Candy Town." Gavin beamed. He opened the bag. She hesitated, but finally settle for a Green Apple Jolly Rancher.


cady said...

Really cute update. It just felt like autumn so much I could almost roll around in it.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, a haunted house - the perfect Halloween activity!! :)

ellie said...

Aw, wouldn't it be nice if Caitlin had some fun.

ivy's closet said...

Very much in the spirit of Halloween.

Chris Ed said...

The perfect chapter for Halloween!