Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just another Halloween

Smed and Sami went to Candy Town the night before. It was where you were given a bucket and you filled it up with all their special candy. There was a great supply of jelly beans, even flavored popcorn. Then they went through the museum of Pez candy. It was stunning. They passed up the theater showing old school cartoons. He ended up buying a huge framed picture of Audrey Hepburn for Sami. She couldn't take her eyes off of it. It was possibly not a real antique. Still, it was genuine and he understood her love for the icon.

"It was really more like Christmas shopping." She told him later as they were getting ready for trick or treaters. They were staying home. Smed dressed as Luke Skywalker and Sami was in her Princess Leia outfit.

They were giving out the candy they'd gotten at Candy Town. It didn't take much to get their feel on the sugar.

"Well, Christmas is right around the corner." Smed shrugged. The framed photograph already hung in their room. Perhaps it wasn't the perfect place for it, but where were they suppose to put Audrey?

"You would have never have gone if you hadn't overheard Gavin talking about the place." She reminded him.

"We would have gone sooner or later." He'd heard of it. Walked past it. He just never imagined going on a date there, but they'd had fun. It was very festive this time of year. Even vinyl to look through. He'd go back again. They'd go back again.

Smed wished they'd seen Gavin and Caitlin, but they didn't. He guessed it was a good they didn't.

They were definitely strangers now. It hurt, but he was getting used to it since he was certain he'd hurt her. Maybe things would be better with Gavin.

He shook the thought from his head. Wasn't like he could wish something to happen. Halloween wasn't really magical.

The door bell rang. There were hungry monsters behind that door. Smed was ready for the feeding.


cady said...

I think Halloween is magical.

The last two sentences were so perfect.

ivy's closet said...

I'm glad Smed is thinking positive toward Caitlin. I'd love to have that Audrey Hepburn picture!

Sara said...

It sounds like they had a lot of fun, I hope it works out between them.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, I love their Halloween! :)

ellie said...

Sounds like a really sweet Halloween!

Chris Ed said...

Cool Halloween! I love to read about it, we don´t have it really here!