Thursday, October 11, 2012

moving on

"So, I take it, you know who I am." Smed's smile looked as if he might be waiting for a blood test of some sort, and he hated needles.

"Yeah, I heard mention of you." Hallum winced back, sort of smiling. Sort of not. Dinner was over, and they were still here. He was tired. Sleepy. Possibly, anything could come out of his mouth that he might regret, but they were alone now. The girls were off with the baby and the rest were on kitchen duty.

"Nat's one of kind, you know." Smed sighed. "She talented. She always knows the right thing to do. And..what can I say, she is beautiful. She's a beautiful person."

Hal nodded in agreement. He wasn't going to ask why he'd let her go. He didn't need to know. Yet, Hal wasn't so sure what do with this other world of hers that was far from his home.

"I'm glad I found her..when I did." Hal smiled. Did he consider a thank you? "She's happy now." He hadn't meant to sound like a snob, but he really hated to see her put out with herself, because of Smed. He thought of how she'd question herself about her relationship with Smed.

He'd listened intently in the beginning. Sometimes, she'd talked hours about this Smed. And now here Hal was, talking to him.

"I guess..I was worried..I could never provide for her..enough." Smed told him.

"A likely excuse," said Hal as he looked down at his smooth yet tend fingernails. "Now isn't it?" He looked into Smed's dark eyes. "She wasn't the love of your life. Evidently." Perhaps the skinny blond chick Smed was with was only a substitute, too. "Looks like you've move on."

Hal knew he was making Smed uncomfortable.

"Relax, old chum." Hal grinned. "Life goes on. No need to dwell on the what if's." Hal shrugged. "Its just, you have stop sitting on the fence." Hal couldn't stop smiling. He'd very well taken the challenge to love someone.  His parents could tell him it was out of haste, but seriously he knew what he wanted. He wanted a life with Natalie, and now he was ready to take her home.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm definitely not a fan of Hal. :/

Sara said...

Hal is a little brash, but I think I like him.

Josie said...

I don't know how I feel about Hal's role in this situation...
xo Josie

ellie said...

I dunno..hopefully Hal is just protective of her.

ivy's closet said...

This was definitely interesting.

lucy and sarah said...

I guess its his way of standing up for her.