Thursday, October 25, 2012

things not to say

"What do you mean? You're annoying him?" Megan looked at Caitlin on her laptop. She was getting thinner. Or perhaps it was the fact that Megan was getting fatter. Yes, she had to get new pants.

Her grandmother was here and they went shopping for maternity clothes. The bad thing was, Megan thought her grandmother was trying to dress her up like a baby. She wanted cool maternity clothes.

"I shouldn't even talk about it." Caitlin looked a little tired as she talked about Gavin.

"You were the one who brought him up." Megan reminded her. "Who knows, maybe..maybe he was a fat kid too."

"What are you talking about?" Caitlin snapped as if Megan was speaking in code now.

Megan gritted a smile, wishing she had said nothing. But Caitlin was always kind of chubby. Sure she was a cute kid. She was a cute girl. But she was always kind of fat. Megan remembered. Of course, she'd never breathed a word of this to anyone. Not even when Caitlin was with Zeke.

"You know, Gavin might not be what he seems. I know he looks like a jock. But he..he seems really ...normal." Megan said. "Maybe he..wasn't..popular..either."

Megan winced hard. Why would she say this to her friend?

"I mean..look at me, I wasn't that popular." Megan smiled as if she wasn't. She really didn't think so.

"Yes, you were. You dated the perfect guy." Caitlin informed her.

"He wasn't that perfect." Megan sighed. "Look, Granny is here and we have tickets to see some off Broadway show." It was best to move on. She was afraid the conversation was stuck now, by the look on Caitlin's face.

"I gotta go." Megan wanted to slap her laptop shut. "Just..just don't be so hard on Gavin. He's new. And...and I bet he likes you."

"Sure he does." But she could tell by Caitlin's tone that she did not believe that. Instead, Caitlin looked really sad as if she'd made every wrong turn in her life.

"Look, it'll get better." Megan told her. Next time, she promised she'd cheer Caitlin up, somehow.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Caitlin takes her advice. :)

Sara said...

Wow, Megan can be so harsh sometimes.

ivy said...

Megan is not the best friend in the world.

Josie said...

I hope Caitlin listens...
xo Josie