Sunday, November 4, 2012

a bone to pick

Gavin would have stayed all night at the emergency room, but as luck would have it, they took Caitlin in right away. Evidently, not that many ghouls and goblin were getting hurt out there.

He didn't mean to over hear about her last time at the hospital. But he knew about the miscarriage now. He wished she would talk to him, but perhaps he wasn't meant to know.

Gavin watched QVC quietly, rethinking the whole night.

Caitlin fell in the haunted house. Maybe that was when it started. Why hadn't he noticed? He wasn't thinking about anything bad happening tonight.

His cell jingled then. To his surprise it was Timo asking how Caitlin was doing. He told him Hattie was back at the house with him, still trying to clean off all the zombie makeup.

Gavin yawned as he texted.

"a likely story." Gavin texted back with a smile. Timo probably didn't want Hattie to go home. He told Timo the haunted house was really scary.

'yeah, and we're doing this every night this week.' Timo shot back.

'what will you ever do when its over? try out for American Idol?' Gavin couldn't help but text back. Maybe this was the best it could with Timo. Texting. At least Gavin was glad that Timo was showing he cared.

Just then the nurse asked if Gavin would come back to the exam room. It caught Gavin off guard. He wasn't sure what to expect.

Of course, the doctor went through all the different scenarios of epilepsy.

"She might have felt faint. It was cold." Then the doctor went into Caitlin's diet. It seemed she hadn't had a full meal today of any kind. "I'm banking on low blood sugar."

Gavin winced at Caitlin. It seemed Caitlin had lost a lot more than just baby weight.


ellie said...

Sometimes, life gets in the way to make sure we stay on a schedule. Hopefully, Caitlin will be good to herself.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Caitlin. She really needs some help and support right now. :/

Sara said...

I hope she is okay, poor girl! :(

lucy and sarah said...

Sometimes, you need a wake up call like that.

ivy's closet said...

She's a very complicated girl.