Thursday, November 8, 2012

food for thought

"Well, it was probably just low blood sugar, just like they said." Megan paced back in forth in the livingroom which was actually their bedroom, but the full length window took up the whole apartment. Of course, she could watch the lit up city. God knows who could watch her. She drew the curtains. "I'm just glad Gavin is there with you."

She listened to Caitlin go on about how she could take care of herself, how she didn't need him.

"Say that, all you want, but deep down, you know he did the right thing, taking you to the emergency room." She didn't mean to be in a huff with her, but she sensed that Caitlin was in the state of something. Maybe denial. Maybe it was all Dung's fault. Or Smed's.

There was no time to dwell on Smed. He was the past. As if was the future was growing inside Megan, and she was getting bigger every day.

Her grandmother went back home, but next week, her mother was flying in.

She wished their place was bigger. As it was they were minimalist at the moment. She did her homework still on her laptop, but she did most everything else on her iPad, like reading or watching movies. They didn't even have a TV.

There was the bed. Stuck out for everyone to see. Sometimes, she really hated this place. Especially, with her mother coming. But she knew Caitlin didn't want to talk about that. She was upset. They'd set up an appointment for her with a counselor about her diet. There was also talk of her seeing a shrink too.

"Well, maybe you should." Megan told her. Megan would love to talk to a shrink. But then again, she'd have to drag up the past, and she didn't want to do that. She just needed to be happy. And a part of her was.

Just then Derrick came home with her favorite sandwich from the deli down the street. There were a bag of home fries too. Of course, she wasn't certain if she were really eating this for herself or for the baby. Hunger was calling her name. Obviously, she could not dwell on Caitlin's eating habits when she needed to tend to her own.


Sara said...

I think she will be a great mom, she seems to know what is best for everyone around her.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Megan will be ready for motherhood.

ivy's closet said...

OMG..I thought Derrick from ELLIE was dropping in at Megan's then I remembered..oh..yeah.

lucy and sarah said...

Megan at least seems to be settling down these days.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad she's taking care of herself - and the baby. :)

Josie said...

I do think Megan should talk to someone, though.
xo Josie

Chris Ed said...

Megan would learn to be a good mom!

Chris Ed said...

Megan would learn to be a good mom!