Wednesday, November 14, 2012

letting go

"Is this a bad time?" It was Gavin.

Zeke didn't even know he knew where he lived.

"Oh, no." It wasn't exactly dinner yet. It was a good twenty minutes away. Zeke guessed. Sometimes, Randi surprised him, but he was certain this was not one of those times. He couldn't imagine what Gavin could want. He was still in his maintenance uniform. Actually, he wasn't even sure what Gavin did, but it was something to do with the big arena where football games and concerts were usually held.

"I need to ask you something." Gavin's smile was calm. "It won't talk long." He sounded as if he didn't really want to bother him.

"OK." Zeke shrugged.

Hallum went to the kitchen.

"Its..Its about Cait," Gavin said.

For a moment Zeke wasn't sure who he was talking about. "Caitlin." Zeke cleared her throat.

"Sorry, Caitlin." Gavin seemed a bit on edge. "Uh, well, other night. Halloween. She, she fainted, and..and I took her in.."

"Is she OK?" Zeke winced as if he wasn't sure it was really any of his business now, yet Gavin made him feel he was her family, somehow.

"She says she is." He looked away. "I'm not sure." He looked as if he might get teary-eyed. "I know, it might only be low blood sugar. But what if ..what if its more than that. What if..what if..Do you think you could talk to her?"

"No." Zeke couldn't help but say. "She won't talk to me. We. We don't talk."

"OK." Gavin nodded.

"I'm glad you care about her." Zeke told him.

"I try." Gavin shrugged. "I know, I need to let it go. Sorry, I bothered you. I didn't mean to be nosy. I  still think ...there might be the loss, she needs to somehow, deal with."

"Maybe, she's dealing with it, the best she can." Zeke finally decided.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Gavin is so sweet. :)

Sara said...

I like that he told someone, he really does care!

ellie said...

I'm glad Gavin is there for her.

ivy's closet said...

I think Gavin is a great guy.

Chris Ed said...

Gavin is such a nice guy!