Saturday, November 10, 2012

not there yet

Hattie hated to admit it, but the acting bug bit her. She loved the people she'd met while working at the haunted house. She would have worked for free, but she did need the money.

"There is this improv group that meets on Wednesday nights at this old theater, not so far from where we work." She couldn't help but to be hyped. She really wanted to go.

"And?" Timo looked at her as if there had to be a catch.

"I dunno. It would be ..."

"Different." Timo's face tensed. They'd met up for lunch at the diner not so far from where Hattie worked.

"No, it would be fun." She was serious. They'd rapped up their zombie nights.

"For you." Timo finally laughed as he played with the straw in his fountain drink.

"It might help both of us." She almost winked, but then he took a fry from her plate and she swatted him.


"Come on." She eye balled him.

"OK." Timo sighed. "Its just..people like you." He told her.

"Of course, they do." She was being cynical.

"Its true. Just look at you." He informed her. "Look, at me. Do I look like a face, you could trust?"

"Well, I do." She smirked.

"I might as well have 'bad guy' tattooed on my forehead." This wasn't the kind of confidence she was hoping for.

"You can do this," Hattie smiled. "Who knows, this group might open some new doors for you."

Timo reluctantly smiled with a shrug. "I guess it wouldn't hurt."


Chris Ed said...

Cool that Hattie like her work and nice lunch and talk with Timo.

ellie said...

its good to take chances. He just might learn something.

ivy's closet said...

Its good for them to do things together. Maybe they'll enjoy improv.

lucy and sarah said...

Improve sounds fun!