Tuesday, December 4, 2012

a wish or two

"Just, try not to over think it," Randi said as Sammi was looking at some cute sweaters that were marked down just in time for the holidays. They'd decided to go to the mall for yogurt but ended up here, first. Randi was trying to decide what to get Zeke for Christmas. Still nothing had excited her in gift giving, just things for herself.

Sammi didn't seem to be thinking about meeting Smed's brother and his wife.

"First of all, who names their kid, Dolby?" Randi was still having a difficult time picturing who this guy was. It was Smed's other brother. "What if they want to come see us?" She blankly said to no one. Sammi was looking at a mullet sweater. Of course, Randi couldn't say that was the name for it, but it was long in the back and short in the front.

"Well, he didn't ask about Zeke." Sammi finally looked over to Randi who was now holding Ari because she was starting to fuss.

"I bet he never does." Randi shrugged as if she should have never put two and two together. But then again, math wasn't exactly her strong suit. "Anyway, it'll be an adventure." She smiled. Thinking then of her own holiday.

It finally occurred to her that Ari's biological grandmother was coming to visit and so was Zeke's mother. She squinted as if she might have a sudden migrane.

"What's wrong?" Sammi asked.

"I dunno. Here I am worried about your Christmas, and ..and mine will be so weird. Having Noel's mother here and Zeke's Mom, too." Randi looked as if it might be the worst Christmas ever.

"They both like you." Sammi assured her with a smile.

"You, really think so?" Randi wished she could believe her.

"They'll be happy to see Ari." Sammi kept smiling as she took Ari out of Randi's arms.

"I guess." Randi shrugged. Still her cooking was a lot to be desired. Hopefully, she'd manage through the holiday somehow. She didn't want any surprises.


mazzy may said...

I'm afraid Randi will be over thinking it now.

Lara Takahashi said...

I love this stuff you are writing. You are really creative :D
When I was younger my mates and I invented some fictive buds too but never took them to this level :)
x, Lara

Cafe Fashionista said...

Randi just needs to relax a bit. :/

ellie said...

Holidays can always stress you.

Sara Gerard said...

Oh this could get very stressful fast!