Sunday, December 2, 2012

in another world

"It was pretty cool meeting Smed's brother." Gavin mentioned on the long drive back. Still he drove, and Caitlin was wide awake this time.

"It was interesting, all right." She didn't quite smile about it, but she wasn't unhappy about it either.

"And Ed, now he's something else." Gavin talked about taking Ed and his friends to the library. "He really liked using the word "escort" a lot, especially with this one girl he evidently sees a lot of. They kind of get in loud conversations about different movies. She likes Disney and documentaries, and he's really into Friday Night Lights. It was plenty interesting." He didn't want to tell her it was rather comical, too. "I guess he plans on movie to this high rise in the city. He's kind of outgrown his Foster parents now. So he has to be on his own."

"Ed, on his own?" He thought he heard Caitlin groan at the thought as she squinted hard. She actually looked like sunshine in her pale yellow sweater, but he could see she wasn't fond of the idea of someone like Ed with special needs on his own.

"Well, you know, what I mean. It'll be an apartment to see if he can adjust. His other friends live there. I imagine its safe or his parents wouldn't agree to it." He shrugged.

She still looked in shock about it. As if Gavin were suppose to tell her sooner.

"You, can always write him. I bet he'd like that." Gavin smiled. He was glad he'd met Ed, who was really the bright spot of the visit. He couldn't help but grin more. Ed told him how he'd been worried about Caitlin. He was afraid she'd be all alone. Ed was afraid Caitlin didn't like people, but he was glad she'd finally made a friend.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I like Gavin's idea. :)

Sara Gerard said...

He really is a good friend to her :)

ellie said...

I hope she likes him back..or as much as I do..Gavin.