Monday, December 10, 2012

in his eyes

Derrick felt rather pathetic lately, but work was steady and he knew what they expected. It seemed he needed to be diligent. Wasn't about kissing up nor brown nosing. Just getting things done on time and going with the flow.

It felt a lot like it was at home. Not rocking the boat with Megan.

Perhaps they were avoiding the real issue. Talking. Especially, about what might be, or could be.

And then the holidays.

He wanted to get on with things. Thinking of traditions, thinking of where he was from, how it was. Even so, it hadn't been that way in a long while. Not even with his parents. Who were semi-retired now. Who focused on cruises and trips with their friends. Yes, there was life for them after his childhood. And now, he was thinking what sort of childhood he could provide.

So here he was wandering the streets, looking for a sign of some sort. Christmas lights bloomed in their brightest. He remembered how he liked Christmas presents, yet now was the time of gelt which usually meant lots of chocolate coins. Possibly not as cool as getting a package under the Christmas tree, but there was a tradition to it. He missed it. Although, he didn't think he would.

Now as doubts grew near of how to even be happy with the holidays, he found himself in a little shop he'd never noticed before, and there was a Menorah waiting to be lit.

Derrick couldn't take his eyes off of it.

"You like?" The voice sounded a tad bitchy yet maybe closer to the Jersey shore than from Brooklyn. Definitely, not uptight Manhattan. When he looked over to see who was behind the counter, he thought he might pass out.

She looked so much like Megan. Derrick did a double take. But she wasn't radiant with pregnancy like his wife. Still, there was a certain allure to her that he couldn't avoid. It was as if he were suppose to be here.

"Uh." He didn't know what to say.

She told him her name was Becca and she owned the place.

"I don't sell a lot of them. Its the only one I have." Her smile was genuine. He couldn't help but like her.

"How much?" He looked at the Menorah.

"I bet you're thinking its too late, aren't you? Why bother." She looked him over as if she'd have to think about this.

"Possibly." He looked puzzled wondering if there might be a quiz involved, as if the object might have a mind of its own.

"I'm feeling rather charitable this time of year. You know, that's what the holidays are really about, now don't you?" Becca stared at him as if he really should think about it. "You'll give it a good home?" She looked at the piece as if it had a history.

He nodded and looked in his wallet. He didn't carry much cash. There was a twenty.

"Would this do?" Derrick peeled it out.

"Why not." She sounded as if she'd close up shop as soon as he left. Not another soul was in her junk of treasures. She handed it over with out a care. Not to wrap up. He'd be on his own with it.

"Next time, I'll bring my wife." Derrick's grin was a little silly. At least, he remembered he had one. It would be nice to compare the two. Maybe. He guessed.

"You do that," she said something in Hebrew under his breath. He couldn't quite make it out. Actually, he hadn't a clue what she even said. Derrick was pretty sure it was good he didn't know what she said.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Derrick is being far too tempted. :/

Sara Gerard said...

I am wondering if there is more to this mysterious woman.

ellie said...

I hope Derrick knows what he's doing.

ivy's closet said...

Becca seems very interesting..hopefully, not interested in him.

lucy and sarah said...

Well, that was interesting. I wonder if he'll see her again.