Saturday, December 8, 2012

in the mood

"No, no of course not," Natalie said. She hoped it didn't sound forceful. "I'm not homesick at all." She rolled her eyes and looked a Hal as if her silly cousin, Randi would not shut up on the phone. Randi talked about Smed and Sammi's tree. Their tree.

"We have lights up, all in Ari's room. Its like Christmasland, but we also lit the Menorah." Randi told her about the nursery.

Natalie didn't want to tell her it was a bit much. After all, they hadn't even looked for a tree yet. She didn't dare mention the Menorah to Hal.

"Maybe, we'll go this weekend." Natalie said as she looked at Hallum, who gave her this wince which was indifferent. He was working on a crossword puzzle in his favorite chair in the livingroom which was basically an all in one area with the kitchen.

"Look, I have to go and check on the casserole in the oven." Natalie promised she wasn't lying. It was true, something tomato-ey and cheesy with noodles was in the oven.

"Why can't we go look for a tree?" Natalie wanted to know as soon as she got off the phone.

"Its just..we don't have any ornaments." He looked at her as what was the point. He came to the kitchen counter.

"That means, we have to get some." She went to him as dinner cooled on the counter. Natalie looped her arm in his. "This is something for us to do, together."

"All right." He was reluctant to say. She might as well have asked him to have his wisdom teeth pulled.

"We'll have fun. We need to find an ornament that says 'Our First Christmas'. Maybe we should go to that quaint little shop in the village. You know, the one with the huge gingerbread house." She hoped he'd get out of this funk of his. It took work to drag him around everywhere. It was like his battery needed to be recharged.

"All right." He shrugged as if he'd just soon for her to go there without him.

"We are doing this together. We have to do things together." Natalie didn't want to say it, but if they didn't..then...

"All right. I know. We will make some fun of it." He sighed.

"Good." She smiled and kissed him on the cheek. Natalie went to set out the strawberry and spinach salad she made. Now came the time to coax him to eat his vegetables. How come sometimes, she felt more like his mother than his wife?


ellie said...

Hope its not too late.

Hallum seems to be fickle.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...I hope it all works out! :)

lucy and sarah said...

It takes time to get the kinks out. I guess.

Sara Gerard said...

Yeah, some people can be a little less enthusastic. I hope she can get him out of this funk!

Chris Ed said...

I feel sorry for Natalie!