Tuesday, December 18, 2012

like every holiday

Timo was pacing the floor in his room waiting and hoping Gavin would pickup, but he was at work so he probably wouldn't.

"Finally." Timo didn't dwell on how many times he'd called this afternoon.

"What's up?" His brother sounded as if he were working somewhere, outside.

"Oh, its Christmas." Timo tried to sound bored and not stressed. "And..and I have no idea what to get Hattie."

"Think about what she likes," Gavin said.

"I am, and I got nothing." He told Gavin he'd been to the mall already and nothing there made him think of her. "What am I suppose to do?"


But Timo was chewing on his thumb nail, not relaxed.

"What are you getting Caitlin?" Timo wanted to know.

"I dunno if I'll get her anything. You know, she might have seen enough of me, already." Gavin told him, but Timo could hear laughter in his voice. "Its a surprise." He finally admitted.

"God, I have to think of something." He sounded so down.

"Did you remember to send Mom anything?" Gavin asked, and for some strange reason Timo thought of his real mother and not the one who raised him. He winced then, thinking he'd never get that woman anything, but he hadn't gotten Gavin's Mom anything, either.

"Not yet." He didn't dare want to go through their usual 'you know her better than I do' routine. "I'll just send her a gift card." He knew Gavin would put a box of stuff together for her. All the things she liked, from stationary to candy. He'd even put in her favorite perfume, separated with soft tea towels. Gavin took such joy in putting a little gift box together. Sometimes, it was a lot bigger than a shoebox.

He sat down on the bed and started to think of all the things Hattie really liked or might need. There were even some goodies where he worked he could buy for her. He'd try to be more like Gavin. But suddenly his face flushed with tears.

He'd hated his real mother so much, and that had sort of wore off on the one who adopted him. He done so well all his life to feel nothing, and suddenly he felt everything. It was all Hattie's fault.

"Are you still there?" Gavin asked.

"Yeah, I- um, my throat sort of hurts." He sniffed. "I'm gonna try to find Hattie something..before..before I get sick." Timo cleared his throat as he picked himself up. He couldn't lay around and mope about this.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Shopping for significant others is always a confusing task. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Aww, he really cares about Hattie! Never thought i'd see the day!

ivy's closet said...

I feel bad for him. Hopefully, he'll find the right gift.

ellie said...

Its good to see Timo wanting to find the right gift for her.