Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after

Christmas was over.

Caitlin waited up as late as she could for Gavin to come home from work. Of course, she fell asleep with her present for him. She slept soundly and dreamed she'd gone to find him at work. Of course, she thought she knew where he worked, but she found the stadium facilities were more of a maze of tunnels. She thought she might never find him. She kept thinking she'd found him, but she hadn't. Then she asked who ever it was who almost looked like Gavin if they knew him, had ever heard of him. But they'd look at her as if they had no idea who she spoke of.

She felt so far away from the Christmas fairy lights and the magic of the holiday. No, her dream felt more like a nightmare. It was as if Gavin didn't even exist.

Naturally, she was almost conscious, thinking that could not be true. She had not dreamed him up. And she felt very sad, as if she might cry. She woke herself up, as if she was letting her imagination get away from her. She sighed, it was almost daylight.

Coffee was brewing in coffeemaker.

"You are, awake." It was Gavin. Still in his work clothes. He brought her coffee just the way she liked it, with a little milk.

She smiled as she took the cup. There was her present for him on the floor next to the couch in a gift bag.

"Its not really wrapped. Hope that's OK." She told him.

"I think its wrapped enough." He pursed a sly smile. "I won't hold it against you."

She looked at him wondering if she'd overdone it. Mainly, it was a gift of cologne and things he might need like socks and soap, even a tooth brush. Maybe he didn't get her anything at all. Maybe she was assuming the wrong idea about him.

He smiled, telling her he needed a new tooth brush. Finally he got out a little square box from his shirt pocket. It was neatly wrapped in red paper with green ribbons.

Immediately, she opened it, to find a Pandora friendship bracelet. She couldn't help but smile, and then she kissed him, as if maybe they were more than friends.


ivy's closet said...

What a sweet present!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awww...what a sweet gift!! :)

lucy and sarah said...

He is a good guy.

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Chris Ed said...

What a sweet present! Happy holidays! kisses chris

Sara Gerard said...

I think they are more than friends now!