Monday, January 21, 2013

a long way from home

Randi was so excited to hear from Logan.

"THEY MADE IT!" She yelled from the kitchen. Zeke was back in the bedroom changing Ari's diaper.

"Where are you?" She wanted to know their exact address.


"Is that a town?" She thought they were moving to College Station.

"No, its an apartment complex but it feels like..I dunno.." Logan sighed. "Party central." He told her about the swimming pool, the weight room even a sand bed for vollyball.

"Wow, sounds like a vacation." Randi smiled, hoping all was well.

"This is such a party school." Logan sounded indifferent.

"What's Alex doing?" She wanted to know.

"He had to do something on campus. Find out where his labs will be and the animals." Logan sounded a little lost.

"You'll get used to it. Besides, you lived at a party school, or did you forget?" She told him he'd find a way to escape the party-life.

"But you're not here. I miss you guys, so much. Here, everyone has a suntan and sun bleached hair," Logan said.

"God, it would be just awful to see you with a tan and sun streaked hair," Randi teased.

"I just haven't been able to sleep through the night yet." He sounded worried.

"You will," she had faith in him. "You'll see, you'll never want to come back here."

"I already want to come home." He did sound sad.

"But what would Alex do if you weren't with him?" Randi was certain Alex did need him.

"I know. I'd miss him terribly if I was there and he was here," Logan said.

"Well, make that boyfriend of yours one of his favorite recipes." Randi suggest as she went to check on Zeke and Ari.

"That's just it, he does all the cooking." He sounded as if he'd have to wait and let Alex do it.

 "Now is time for you do get creative in the kitchen. Surprise him." Randi hoped Logan would do it.


Sara Gerard said...

Randi is so positive! He should surprise him :)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I love how supportive Randi is! :)

Chris Ed said...

Really cood idea, at the end! kisses chris