Thursday, January 3, 2013

a new beginning

Timo dreamed he was back at the boarding house in Hattie's room. It was such an interesting place with her little boxes of colleagues of pictures decorating them. And her cupcake maker. Her electric tea pot. It was really an eclectic array of stuff, but somehow Hattie created a beauty in all the mess making it quite charming and a happy place.

When he awoke, he didn't dare want to move. The bed was warm and Hattie was sleeping next to him.

Funny, how they were here instead of there. Of course, where she lived, the old woman who ran the place was such a snoop and well, there were never any sleepovers.

Hattie spent the night on New Year's Eve, and he was happy she did. It was just he understood her needing her space. He'd wanted his too, until now. He'd wanted to talk to his brother about this. As if he'd ever take advice from Gavin. Timo hadn't yet. Not exactly.

The thick covers of the comforter rustled. Timo sighed as he leaned up on his elbows. He guessed he'd woke Hattie. She got up in one his old Tee shirts.

"You're not going, are you?" It was still dark even if it were a new day.

"I'm just going to the bathroom." She mumbled as if she might be sleep walking. He waited. Finally, he switched on the lamp, thinking she might lose her way. She did come back with her eyes practically closed.

"What's wrong?" He wanted to know.

"I'm all right now." Her eyes squinted. "I had a bit of a headache, but I threw up and I feel better now."

"I see." This never happened. Hattie was never sick. "Well, you need to rest." Timo was wide awake now. "I'll make you some hot tea." He really wasn't sure he wanted to be here. He got dressed.

"Sorry." She winced as if maybe she still felt bad.

"No, no, its OK." He touched her forehead, but she didn't feel feverish. Even if her teeth started to chatter. He hated to see her this way. He wanted to make her feel better as he pulled the covers over her.

"Just keep me warm," she muttered. He didn't think she said leave me alone.

"Right." He didn't know exactly what to do. He supposed he'd keep her warm for a bit, but he hoped he didn't get sick, too.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't believe Timo would think that way. He's starting to show his true colors again. :/

Sara Gerard said...

Ugh Timo, be the better person we know you can be!

Marionetka Mody said...

nice :)

Always Unlucky said...

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Mind Blowing, sweaty & Energetic, Terrific & Extremely ...happy, very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013. From Never give up

Chris Ed said...

Really nice of Timo!