Wednesday, January 9, 2013

going through changes

It was snowing again. So softly, too. Alfie helped Alex and Logan load up the U haul truck they were taking to Texas. Of course, he'd help unload the boxes that Timo and Gavin brought over from Hattie's.

It felt like so many things were changing, yet he felt very much the same. As if he was the loner here, who dropped by when he wasn't with Paul.

He couldn't say he'd exactly hit it off with Liza, even if he'd brought her a student. Paul really wasn't in to piano. So it didn't look as if he'd have a reason to see her anytime soon. He imagined if she saw him, she'd be reminded of what a terrible student Paul could be. He hated trying new things.

Alfie sighed thinking he might not be any better at new things than Paul. It was hard for Alfie, seeing Hattie around, but he could deal.

A part of him was still peeved with her over the Sheila incident. He knew Hattie was looking out for him, yet she felt it were OK for her to be with someone new, but not for him. Alfie knew it was selfish to think this way, but he couldn't help it. He stayed focused on helping Logan and Alex get their stuff loaded.

"You guys aren't going off in a blizzard, are you?" Alfie asked as they were finishing up. It was coming down more and as Alfie looked in the distance if felt as if a deep sleep was around him. The flakes were almost as thick as fog.

Logan shivered and looked to Alex as if he was the commander of this journey.

"Our bed is already in the truck." Alex shrugged.

"We could find you something to sleep on, here." Alfie coaxed them in. It was getting late. Why drive as night neared?

Logan looked as if he might be coming down with whatever Hattie was sick with.

Alfie got them inside and they had pizza and cake waiting for them. It was kind of a surprise party. Zeke and Randi were over with the baby, and Sammi was pouring soda pop at the nonalcoholic gathering.

"We didn't know what to get you guys," Smed said as he held up a framed picture of all of them together, last summer. "Just don't forget us, OK?"

Alfie listened to Alex and Logan say how they were going to keep in touch.

"We'll send you care packages." Caitlin smiled as she looked to Randi and Sammi for help.

There were lots of hugs all around. Alfie watched, still not sure if he was really part of the pack or not. He guessed he was.


ellie said...

It does look like a lot changes are ahead this year.

mazzymay said...

I hope Alfie feels he's part of their family now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Alfie totally needs to step up to the plate and join in - he's a part of the family! :)

Marionetka Mody said...


Sara Gerard said...

I think this really shows that he is! What a sweet little send-off.