Sunday, January 27, 2013

not just anybody

They hadn't really talked. Not like Hattie thought they would. In her head, she'd burst in about the news. Their news. But she hadn't gotten up the nerve.

There was Alfie at dinner. It was still awkward, around him. Sometimes. Timo was uber quiet, or so she imagined. But he'd helped out with shoveling the snow. He'd kept busy. As if, he'd stay out of her hair. She hoped not for good. She wanted to do the dishes that night, but Caitlin stepped in and Gavin helped. So they had lots of time.

But there was that stupid show that Timo couldn't get enough of, where old people pranked young people. She didn't exactly get it. Fifteen minutes in, she shut off the TV. She saw his expression, that 'what did you do that for' glare.

"You know, why." She didn't try to look mad.

"Oh, that." As if he'd forgotten. She looked at him sideways, almost with a pout.

"How did it go?" He kept staring. For a moment she thought it might be a contest, who could hold out the longest.

"You know," She hated to think it wasn't a big deal. It was. He began to fidget, as he pressed his lips tight. "Its not the flu."

"Are you..are you feeling OK?" He wanted to know.

"I don't know." She wanted him to be happy. It was hard to be happy when he didn't look so happy.

"So, you're still feeling sick?" He kept looking at her as if she might throw up on him.

"Not right now." She winced, waiting for him to say something..good.

"OK," he nodded. "Well...I might be sick. I mean..WE are really going to do this?" He did look like he could cry. "Me? A dad?" He sounded as if he was immune to this sort of thing.

"Why not?" She swelled a frown. It wasn't that impossible.

"It feels weird." He admitted.

"Like how? You aren't even carrying the fetus." She informed him.

"I can't explain it." He scowled. "Its like my guts are going to fall out, any moment."

"Well, that makes me feel so much better to know." Her eyes opened wide. It was like seeing this guy that Alex and Logan talked about, not the Timo she knew. Yes, she knew he was peculair. She thought he heard voices when she first met him, but then she thought maybe he just needed a real friend.

"I'll get over it. I know. I have to. I don't want to be this way. I really really, don't." He did look like he could throw up. She didn't sit so close. She looked away.

"It just makes me nervous. Now, Gavin's mother is coming." He did look distressed.

"Why can't you call her, your mother, too?" Now she felt sad for him.

He put his arms around her, and he wept so much that he got her shirt wet. Hattie sighed. She guessed it was true. She did have two babies on her hands.


ellie said...

I hope he can change.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Hattie - so much for her to deal with right now. :/

Anonymous said...

Oh, guys and pregnancy. Its funny how they react.

ivy's closet said...

I hope he grows up.

Sara Gerard said...

Oh I really hope that he gets it out of his system now.