Sunday, January 13, 2013

on the road

Randi left them muffins and a sack each full of goodies for the first day of their trip.

Of course, Alex said from the start they could make it in a day if they just kept driving. Only, there wasn't suppose to be so much heavy fog. And the streets were so slick. If that wasn't enough, the truck didn't have a CD player and Alex so needed his tunes to get through this. What he'd give for some Black Keys or Ellie Goulding to prod him along.

True, he'd lied like a compulsive liar to Logan. He was scared shitless and only six blocks from the place he remembered as home. He had to be the strong one. But his knuckles were white from hanging on to the stirring wheel. His body tensed.

After all the last moments of sex, he was certain it would do the trick to get him ready for this adventure. But truth be told, driving into the white was like driving into a soft sleep. He could barely keep his eyes open.

How he wanted to stop and call Logan this instance and tell him they needed to call this off for the day, but he took the toll road. Yes, they were on their way. He just needed to go.

Alex tuned in to a weather channel, but that made him tired, listening to the forecast. Just fog, and more fog. But it was icy fog. A random splat became more apparent as bits of ice formed. It gave him a chill. Did he dare ride this out?

Thankfully, a gas and food stop was at the next exit. He took it even if they weren't anywhere near out of Kansas.

"We aren't low on gas, or anything," Logan reminded him as soon as they made their way in to the McDonalds.

"Yeah, I know." Alex was trying not to get too close to Logan. He didn't want to make the obvious apparent, but he would have liked to have held hands with him.

If only he'd put the car on a trailer and taken it that way, instead of letting Logan drive, Alex knew he'd be so scared to drive with a car attached to the the truck. "How are, you, doing?"

"I'm fine. I'm following you." Logan shrugged as if the drive was no big deal to him.

"So, so when..when should we stop, again?" Alex stepped up to the menu and ordered a coffee and a sausage and biscuit sandwich. Although, he doubted he could stomach the sandwich. Logan ordered a smoothie.

"Lets see how far we get." Logan slurped his drink as if he was ready for a marathon. "How about one in the afternoon? Or two."

"That long?" Alex couldn't help but scowl. He didn't know if he could be away from Logan that long. "Do you want to drive the truck?"

"Hell, no." Logan laughed.

Alex doctored his coffee with cream. Was this really manning up? He hoped the coffee woke him. They had quite a drive, ahead of them.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope they're careful on the road. :/

ivy's closet said...

I hate weather like that. Maybe Alex doesn't have to be so brave. But I'm glad Logan is feeling confident about the trip.

Chris Ed said...

I hope everything will be ok on the road!

Sara Gerard said...

Such a big change, no wonder he is scared.

lucy and sarah said...

Hopefully, they'll make it there OK.