Saturday, January 5, 2013

playing it by ear

"I had my flu shot." Gavin shrugged as he watched Caitlin stir the homemade chicken noodle soup.

"What if its not the flu?" She was straight lipped and solemn as ever.

"What do you mean?" Of course, Hattie had to have the flu. What else could it be?

"You know." She kept her silence.

"Know what?" He winced.

She got him a bowl of soup as she got Hattie a bowl of soup ready.

"What if know, she and Timo.."

Gavin's brow furrowed as he was trying to figure out what this was really about. He tasted the hot soup. There was a tickle in his throat as he finally got what she meant. He almost choked. He looked at Caitlin.

"There's a really good chance that Megan's baby Timo's." She sat down next to him.

Gavin stirred his soup and found the white meat in the bowl, a carrot too, but he wasn't hungry. Suddenly, he'd lost his appetite.

He wanted to say Timo was different now. This was a complete different scenario. A part of him really wanted to beat some sense into that brother of his, but he wasn't a bully.

"We'll just have to see. Maybe he'll get sick too." He dipped a chunk of a roll into the soup. The broth was savory and he was starving.


Cafe Fashionista said...

What a complicated situation. :/

ellie said...

Interesting way to start the new year.

lucy and sarah said...

I do wonder what the new year will bring from Timo.

mazzy may said...

Oh boy..what else can I say.

Scarlett and Eva said...

Hmmm...what is Gavin going to do with Timo??

Chris Ed said...

Really complicated thing! happy new year!