Saturday, February 2, 2013

in a dizzy world

It was late. Horribly late. Still, Derrick felt shattered. His face was bad. A bruise on his eye. A busted lip. His eyelashes flutter slightly under the florescent lighting. How could he make this sound to Megan, as not so bad. When in fact it was very bad.

He'd called about his credit cards and so on. Maybe he should have called her first but he didn't want to worry her. But now he knew he had to do it, and she picked up on the first ring.

"You are with her!" Her voice blasted through the phone. He cringed.

"Meg, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry." He started. "Its not what you think. Its not."

Becca did show him a place. It wasn't in her building. Someone had died and a two bedroom apartment was available. He had second thoughts about the place. Especially, after he got mugged and beaten up. It happened out of nowhere. Thankfully, they didn't get his phone. Probably because it was old and nothing fancy. The camera was messed up, but there was a  keyboard for texting.

"Are you going to lie to me?" She snapped instead of worrying about him.

"I can't believe you. I don't want too." He could barely breath out, because his ribs hurt even if none were broken. "I'm at the emergency room."

"What!" Now she sounded frantic and she went on and on about what was she suppose to do. Should she have called all the hospitals? It was going on two in the morning. "Where are you?"

"Its all right. I'll be home soon." Of course, he hadn't exactly thought how he'd get there. The thought of catching a ride anywhere was a little depressing at the moment. Did he really want to raise a child in the city?

Yes, this shook him up a bit. He didn't know if being here was worth it. The money was good, but the rent was outrageous. And for what? He was now questioning. Did he even want to tell her about the apartment?

He hated the dread inside him. He wanted to go home, but he was afraid. What was he suppose to do? Ask a policeman to take him home?

"Just come home." She reminded him how close he was to work. "We don't need to move. Not yet. We're having a Valentines day baby, remember?"

Derrick smiled as if that was a happy thought. If only he didn't feel so far from her at the moment, but he'd have to take a train and then a bus to get home.


Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope Derrick doesn't feel too pressured. :/

ellie said...

Scary happenings for Derrick.

ivy's closet said...

That would have been scary.

lucy and sarah said...

Yikes! I hope things are going to be better for them.