Saturday, February 16, 2013

Its almost a plan

"Sometimes, I just hate her. I just hate her." Caitlin couldn't stop herself from saying this about Megan's text. "Now I'm having my baby." She read to Gavin. "Who says stuff like that?"

 Caitlin supposed she spoiled their Valentines day outing. Gavin was definitely on cupid's side when it came to Valentines day. He'd given her the most lovely pink roses, and it was warm enough out they'd even went on a carriage ride in the old market. Dinner at an upscale restaurant she'd never been too. He'd even worn a suit and they were on their way to a musical of the Lion King. Caitlin was glad she'd worn her little black dress that had been waiting in her closet for such an occasion.

"I don't believe you hate your best friend." Gavin shook his head as he was making the rounds in the parking garage to find a spot to park his car.

"Sometimes, I dunno..if she's even my friend." Caitlin frowned. She was certain Gavin was tired of listening to all her tales about Megan. Caitlin always felt she was there for Megan when Megan neglected her. Continuously.

"Stop." He gave her a look as he parked the car. "She just wanted you, to know."

"But..but what am I suppose to do?" Caitlin felt a bit guilty now.

"Nothing. OK, say a prayer. Tell her good luck. But she's the one having the kid. Not you." Gavin shrugged.

He got out and opened the door for her.

"I hope that wasn't too blunt." He then said  as he held her hand. "Maybe in May, we could go see them."

"Really?" She winced as if she hadn't expected him to offer.

"Maybe, by then, she'll be used to being a Mom. We can travel. It'll be great." He grinned with optimism.

Caitlin bit her bottom lip before she smiled too much. She kissed him on the cheek before she said something totally off the wall, like "Lets get married."


Cafe Fashionista said...

At least she kept the extremes to a minimum. :P

ellie said...

Gavin's so good to her. I think Caitlin might be mellowing.

Chris Ed said...

Caitlin is weird, I love the new header!