Sunday, February 10, 2013

not even a clue

Gavin did his best to stress to Caitlin not to be so nervous.

"She likes you." Gavin smirked with a smile. After all, his Mom wanted Caitlin to have an iPhone.

"I don't really need it." Caitlin kept shaking her head, but she was warming up to the idea, especially, since she hadn't put it down for some time now.

"She likes for us to be connected." Gavin winced with a smile thinking, Caitlin must have thought they were made of money, but they weren't that well off.

Of course, he looked over to see Timo practically sleep walking. He was exhausted even if their mother was talking to him nonstop about what classes he should be taking. How he needed to focus on college and not give a second thought about that silly job he had down at Dollar General.

"Mom." Gavin finally said, thinking she needed to give Timo a break. "Mom."

"What is it, honey?" Her big blue eyes looked up at him as if he were the one who needed to calm down.

"I want to show you something." He motioned for her to come upstairs. He really didn't have anything to show her.

"You're getting ...uh..I dunno...wishy washy, know." Gavin didn't know how to put this. "We have to let Timo work. He's working. And its a good thing. And if he's..he's not ready to go back to college, you have to accept that."

"But he needs a good job." Her big blue eyes looked up at him as if maybe Gavin needed to find a better job too.

 "I understand, where you're coming from. Just don't push it. You know, how he is. You have to let him come to you." Gavin was serious.

"But you called me."

"I know." Gavin sighed. "Maybe it was a mistake. I didn't think you'd be Mrs. Santa Claus on vacation, either."

"But this is our first grandchild." She was excited. "Hattie is such a lovely girl."

"Yes, she is, and I know you mean well." Gavin was grateful that his mother was doing all this, yet, he had a feeling that Timo would feel he was totally indebted to her, and that usually meant he'd exile himself away from everyone. "Have you not learned anything about him over the years?"

She looked at him as if she had no idea what Gavin was talking about.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Maybe Gavin shouldn't have said anything. :/

ellie said...

It might not do him any good to talk to his mother.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm sure his mother means well.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Gavin. Try not to get in hot water.

Chris Ed said...

His mother means well! Cool new header!

Sara Gerard said...

Poor Gavin, he is really the only adult here.