Friday, February 22, 2013

one snag or another

Logan was ready to sink in to tears. Evidently, he wasn't old enough at the VA hospital for the job. The woman kept looking at him, asking him his age. Practically making him swear, that he better not be lying to her. He better be 19 going on 20.

Naturally, he didn't look experienced. All he'd ever done was work in concessions at the zoo. If only he'd worked with the animals. Even cleaned their cages. Something.

"I just don't think you'd last here." The woman in the lab coat finally smirked with a shrug. "Sorry, kid."

He wanted her to stop calling him a kid. How could he change that?

"What if? What if..I just know, watch?" Logan found himself asking. He cleared his throat. "How about volunteering?" He didn't have anywhere else to go. No one was calling him for a job.

"You'd do that?" She looked at him as if he were crazy.

"Yeah." He looked at her meekly. He hoped she took him seriously. At the moment he felt as if he were going on a field trip. He guessed she only wanted the real deal or nothing.

"She said she'd think about it." Logan said later when he met up with Alex for dinner. They were out, eating on the dollar menu at Dairy Queen.

Somebody waved at Alex, and he waved back. Logan felt as if Alex fit in better here than he did.

"Hey, I didn't know you had a little brother." Some girl came over with a big smile. It was someone Alex had class with.

"I don't." Alex looked up at her serious, and Logan shot a look at Alex. Is that what people thought when they say them together? A lump lodged in Logan's throat. He almost gagged on his fry. "This is Logan. He's my boyfriend."

Logan almost winked with a lopsided smile.

"Oh." The girl with the long blond hair withdrew her hand from Alex's shoulder. "I'm sorry..but..but you two look so much..alike."

Now Logan stared at Alex trying to see what the girl could see.

"Don't worry about it." Alex shrugged. They talked a little more about class. Finally, she went off to where her friends were.

"Why did she say that?" Logan winced.

"I dunno. But I kind of liked it. You know, us looking like each other. That has to be a good thing." Alex smiled as he bit into a fry.

"Not if you're the little brother." Logan slightly scowled.

Alex cracked a laugh. He couldn't stop grinning at Logan. Before long, Logan was smiling too. Of course, he'd have more to smile about if the woman from the lab called.


ellie said...

I do feel sad for Logan, hopefully it'll work.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Oh, I hope everything goes smoothly. :/

lucy and sarah said...

They are good together.