Monday, February 18, 2013

the longest phone call ever

Sammi got a phone call from Derrick. Honestly, she didn't think she'd ever get off the phone. Especially, when he gave her a play by play (so to speak) about Megan's very long birthing story.

First she squirmed a little, hearing the details of the ungodly pain and distress. Before long, Sammi thought she was having to live through the agony, herself. She paced the kitchen and found she was in a sweat the longer she stayed on the phone with Derrick.

She hunted for something cold to drink in the fridge. Still, his tale made her wince in pain. She almost gagged on the orange juice when he started telling her how Megan ripped out a needle from her arm because she couldn't stand the pain in her arm even if the drip was suppose to subdue the labor pains.

Just what sort of fit did Megan have was on Sammi's mind, but she didn't dare mention it. Suddenly, Sammi felt woozy herself. She had to sit down to listen to Derrick's adventure at the OB ward.

"After fourteen hours of labor, then they decide on a C-section." Derrick sighed.

"But she's all right, right?" Sammi wondered if he'd ever get to the end of the story.

"Oh, yeah, but all that for a five pound baby?" Derrick sounded as if he'd been defeated. As if this were a race or a contest.

"Its good...they are both OK." Sammi reminded him, even if she felt he'd put her through a thirty minute ordeal, already. She was thankful, she wasn't the one having the baby.

"Yeah, they are just fine. Shana so small though, but she's beautiful." Derrick went on to say she had very thick dark curls. A lot like his own, but darker.

Sammi liked the name.

"I just knew she was a Shana when I saw her." Derrick did sound happy.

"I'm so glad everything turned out, OK." Sammi sighed with relief. "Tell, Megan we're thinking about her." Sammi jotted down Derrick's address again. She was going to send flowers as soon as she got off the phone. She'd call Randi too. She was sure Randi would have some great ideas for a care package to send them.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Care packages are always a great idea! :)

Sara Gerard said...

AW! Shana sounds sweet! Poor Meg, she needs to rest up after all of that.