Tuesday, February 12, 2013

there you go again

Timo watched Hattie eat the Happy Trail's cookie. He pushed the box of cookies closer to her on the bed, thinking she needed another.

Maybe things hadn't changed that much. He really didn't like change, but he knew that was beside the point. Their room was cluttered with all sorts of shopping bags. Where would they put all this stuff? He hung another maternity top and put it in the closet.

"Maybe we need a dresser," Timo said with a shrug. "A chest of drawers." Maybe that's all they needed, but he'd wait until after Gavin's mother left. Still, he'd need Gavin's help. They could find something at Good Will.

Hattie nodded.

"Are you still going to do that indie film?" Hattie asked.

"Doubt it." He didn't think so. It was all talk. It had been over a month ago when someone spoke to him about it when they were at the improve group. "Just don't bring it up." He winced. He knew Gavin's mom wouldn't want to hear about it. He knew he wanted him to be serious. Being in a movie would definitely not be serious.

"But I was hoping you'd do it." She almost gave him a pout.

"We will see." But he wasn't counting on it being anything. Even if the film was made, it was doubtful anyone would see it.

"Its my fault, isn't it?" She winced.

Timo set down next to her and took her hand.

"Its not your fault. Really." He sighed. "Its just talk. Sure, someone has an idea. They want to make a film, but a film cost money. I doubt, there is even a script." He looked at her very clean fingernails while she finished off another cookie.

"I want to make a movie." She finally confessed.

"Really?" Timo thought this would be the last thing they'd be talking about.

"Yeah, on the iPad." She nodded.  He looked over his shoulder and there the iPad was next to Hattie's pillow.

"Just who's gonna be in this film?" He looked at her as if he hoped she wasn't wanting in big named stars.

"Just us." Hattie shrugged. "And the baby." She smiled as if that might be the main attraction.

"What do you mean?" He couldn't help but want to laugh. "Like a documentary, or something?"

"I think so." She nodded with a smile.

Timo sighed, thinking it was one more project they could start after Gavin's mother left.


Sara Gerard said...

Maybe a project like that is what they need to focus on, to make things a little easier.

Cafe Fashionista said...

A laundry list of projects. :)