Saturday, March 23, 2013

dining out

Liza watched Izzy wolf down the can of food while Alfie went to the basement to change.

Instantly, she bit at her thumb nail. Was this a date? She gritted. She didn't do dates. Not since tenth grade, and that didn't go well. She spilled a soda on her dress which meant the date ended very early.

Liza didn't date. Besides, her education was her life. There was no time to date. She bit her thumb nail again, this time breaking. She ripped it to the quick and squinted hard.

Alfie came back in clean jeans and clean shoes. His bland Tee under his nerdy cardigan wasn't exactly, date-like.

"Ready to go?" He shrugged.

"I guess." She looked as solemn as she could.

He talked about this place where they grilled your meal in front of you.

It was beginning to feel like a date, she thought. And she was getting nervous behind the wheel. She almost went through a red light. Besides, she hated the parking lot at the place he mentioned.

"Fine." Alfie was staying mute. "Let's go where ever you want to go."

She pulled into the little diner she'd often wondered about. Nothing fancy and over priced. Also, there were very few in the place. Some old man who was alone with a Salisbury steak and a heap of mashed potatoes was doing a crossword puzzle.

They sat at the back booth. Alfie wanted coffee, and a lot of cream.

"Ice water is fine with me." Liza would hardly look at the waitress.

Alfie winced, then looked up to the waitress. "Bring her a strawberry shake."

"Why did you do that?" She looked at him miserably.

"Because, you might like it. Its my treat." His dark eyes looked at her as if she didn't have anything to fear.

She hugged herself tight while he looked at the menu.

"Anything look good to you?" He asked. Of course, she hadn't looked at the menu.

"I'm a cheese burger man, myself. Sometimes, I like a fried egg on it." He smiled as if he knew it would gross her out.

She took a peek at the menu.

"A burger would be nice. And some fries too." She considered as she studied the menu.

"Obviously, neither of us have any friends." He looked at her seriously.

"You, have friends. They are you're friends." She looked at him, as if she didn't understand. "Not my friends."

"I just live with them. Its not like we do everything together." He reminded her after their order was taken. He had his coffee and she had her shake.

"But they care about you." She shrugged as if that had to count.

"And Randi wants you to have fun." He told her.

"Its just, I'm not really good in people situations." She pulled a loose curl behind her ear.

"Well, who is? You, have to give it a chance." He sipped his coffee and she tried her shake.

She guessed she didn't try hard enough to be with people. She was shy by nature. It was always so quiet at the gift shop unless a load of children showed up on a field trip. And then it was only something that lasted a good twenty minutes.

At least the shake soothed her nerves. She smiled as she watched him. He really did want to be a friend. Maybe they could make this a weekend thing. Just coming here for a quiet dinner.

"What are you thinking?" She then asked, hoping he was thinking what she was thinking.

"I was just wondering what kind of hair, our kids would have." He shrugged with a grin.

"Really curly." She smiled and went back to enjoying her shake.


ellie said...

I liked her last line. I think it'll be tough for both of them. But I hope they can be friends.

Cafe Fashionista said...

He is definitely a character! :)

ivy's closet said...

Oh, that Alfie.

lucy and sarah said...

I'm glad he got the shake for her.

Sara Gerard said...

Well I think even if they are both a bit shy, this might work!