Tuesday, March 19, 2013

finding a friend

Hattie noticed when they got to Randi and Zeke's that Liza was there. Randi must have called Liza so Alfie wouldn't be the odd man out. However, he hadn't said a word yet to the timid girl. He was too busy with Izzy.

Alfie and the dog took to the back yard after some serious hauling away was done. It was as if he knew his cue. No one had to make conversation with him.

Hattie wasn't put out with Alfie. Still she felt really sad. Especially, for Liza who was hanging back in the kitchen. She'd stirred up some dip and worked on a veggie tray.

"So, hows the teaching these days?" Hattie bit into a raw carrot. She wasn't very handy with moving things these days in her condition.

"I don't think anyone wants to play a piano with so many fan-dangled gadgets out there. There's an app for learning the piano, you know." Liza made light of the conversation, but she had a couple of students. "I'm taking more classes. Might as well be a full-fledged music teacher." She sounded as if it might be an awful chore she'd been avoiding for years.

"You know, with all your experience, you'll be ready to take on a whole class." Hattie did her best to be optimistic. "Do you play at weddings, or anything like that?"

"I did for my sister's wedding." Liza shrugged as if it were a one time deal.

"It was a success? I take it?" Hattie smiled brightly.

"It was nice." She nodded. "But they have recordings for that. Just get your playlist and load it up." She dipped a chip then and bit into it as if she might as well face fact she was living in a world that didn't need her creativity.

Hattie thought it best not to make it any worse. She looked out the kitchen window. There was Alfie in a playful struggle with Izzy who had a Frisbee in her mouth.

"Liza, have you met Izzy?" Hattie wanted to know. She smiled thinking of Izzy's name as a different form of Elisabeth. Maybe Izzy would like Liza.

She really hoped they hit it off.


Sara Gerard said...

Aww! Hattie always knows how to make people feel better.

ellie said...

Hopefully, Hattie will be her friend..and Alfie will connect with her.

ivy's closet said...

Sometimes, its just not love at first sight. It might never be, but I have a feeling Alfie can be her friend.

lucy and sarah said...

I think back in group setting with my friends. It was interesting how friends were about wanting you to be with their other friends.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope they do hit it off. :)