Saturday, March 16, 2013

its almost spring.

"Is this really necessary?" Zeke wasn't sure it if were warm enough for spring cleaning, but Randi wanted it done. She wanted him to clear out the shed out back. He looked at the mess. It was here when he rented the place, now that he owned it, the old tires and lawn mowers and other junk had not left with the previous owner.

"It needs to go." She was holding the baby all bundled up. Yes, it was almost 50 out, but it still felt like winter to him with the snow still in patches.

"Like where?" He was baffled. He didn't even have the means to carry this stuff off.

"Call, Gavin. He has a pick up truck." Randi reminded him.

"And..just why are we doing this, again?" Zeke looked back at Randi who was looking at the wooden building with the tin roof with a whole different meaning.

"We can have a party." She told him.

"A party?" He thought she might mean, about getting the junk out. It might take Gavin and Smed along with possibly Sammi and Caitlin. Possibly, Timo could help and anyone else. It was not a one man job, by any means. Sure, he felt guilty for not doing something about it before now. Maybe he should have demanded the previous owner to do something about it, long before now. Zeke hadn't wanted to cause friction. He was just happy to have a home even if it was pretty small.

"Yeah, a this summer." She looked in the shed as if she had real plans. "A back yard party. We could fix this place up. Just think of the back yard parties we could have. All summer long with our friends."

"I'm not sure I'm ready for this." Zeke hugged himself and looked at her out of the corner of his eye. Naturally, she handed the baby over as she went to investigate, as if she knew exactly where to start. "I want you to call, Gavin." She looked at him. "Right now." Her voice was a bit demanding.

"Yes, mame." No time like the present. He reached for his phone in his back pocket. He got Gavin on the first ring.

"What's up?" Gavin sounded as if he were up for a party, but Zeke wasn't so sure how he'd feel about this kind of party. Of course, he said he'd be right over with Caitlin, and he'd ask Smed and Sammi if they were up for some spring cleaning.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Parties are always perfect in the summertime! :)

ellie said...

Great time to start thinking about summer.

Sara Gerard said...

They are always there for each other, a party is what they need!

ivy's closet said...

I am glad Randi prods him along. It'll be fun.

lucy and sarah said...

Good to start thinking these things through..instead of spur of the moment. Sounds like a good plan.