Friday, March 8, 2013

its a hard road

"You did that?" Smed wasn't sure if he agreed with Caitlin's tactics with Timo. And now she was talking about it with him, which was even more weird. They hadn't exactly been speaking to each other, lately.

But she needed to rant to someone. He guessed it might as well be him.

"What's Gavin going to say? Have you thought about that?" He questioned. He was in the middle of a sock pile on the livingroom couch. Thankfully, she was helping him with the laundry. He couldn't say who's socks they were exactly, but they were matching the up, just the same.

"At this point, I don't really care." She was still upset about it. "Can you believe what he said? I have a personality disorder?" It sounded to Smed that this was what hurt the most.

"You are just letting Megan get the best of you. Just like Timo said." Smed agreed.

"So, you're taking his side? Is that it?" She pouted as she put the pink a purple socks in a little pile to sort.

"No. I mean, if..if it is his kid..maybe..maybe he just gave up his right." Smed told her. Evidently, threesomes could be a whole lot more complicated than a one night stand that no one dared talked about. Not that he knew. He'd only listened. Mainly, overheard.

He sighed, thinking how practical his days with Megan must have been. Even then, he was never sure how she felt about him. Maybe he was something to pass the time. Just when he'd think he wasn't important to her, then he was.

"Megan is hard to know. She's got a history of being, you know, kind of selfish. OK, she is really selfish. She always comes first. She does." Smed confessed now. "I mean, you'd had so much to put up with...with her. And to think you two are still friends."

Caitlin said nothing for the longest time.

"I'm just afraid she..she won't love the baby." Caitlin finally let slipped.

"But Derrick does. He sounded really happy when he talked to Sammi." Smed remembered. For once Smed felt Derrick was mature and definitely putting up with more from Megan than anyone else possibly could. "Hopefully.... Megan is going to realize that love."


ellie said...

I'm sure Smed knew Megan pretty well.

ivy's closet said...

Its good they are talking now.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad they're finally talking things out. :)