Thursday, March 14, 2013

like a milestone

"What if you are stuck with doing this for the rest of your life?" Alex couldn't help but question Logan about taking this job.

"Well, what was I suppose to do?" Logan looked at Alex as if he should be happy about this new job, not sad. "I'll be OK."

"Its so creepy." Alex shrugged. Here he was trying to learn how to save animals and Logan was killing them. Alex couldn't help to be disgusted. But it was money. It was a pretty good paying job, actually. Something Alex didn't have, as of yet. "I don't want to make you do something ..that..that.." He couldn't even finish the sentence.

He couldn't quite celebrate yet, even if Logan had made it through his first day.

"Its not like I'll be doing it, every day." Logan sounded as if he'd be taking care of lab animals. It was all going to be OK.

Alex guessed he was right. He was sure he couldn't be that brave, but he knew Logan wanted to do his part on making a go of it, on their own, and he had to commend him for that.

"Lets go out for steak." Alex finally said. They'd been surviving on Ramen Top noodle and apples for a good long while. It was time they had a real meal. Still, Alex was promising himself, he was going to go completely vegan some day, but not today.

Alex gave Logan a pat on the back. It was time they cleaned up and put on their best clothes and found a real restaurant to go too. Maybe Logan wouldn't last their three weeks. Alex was OK if Logan wanted to quit. But for now, he was happy for him. Hopefully, Alex would some day be a veterinarian, and they'd have even more to celebrate about.


ellie said...

Alex definitely has a point about Logan and that job.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Alex would make a great veterinarian! :)