Saturday, March 2, 2013

shark in the water

He didn't want to be alone with her. As soon as Timo saw Caitlin's bitter look, he should have known what he was in for.

No, she hadn't come to his room. It wasn't like that. He was cleaning up the mess by Izzy's water bowl in the kitchen. He'd accidentally kicked it. Not intentionally. Just a little bump with the corner of his cheap black sneakers and water sloshed everywhere.

It was a reminder he was a messy person, and he wasn't really good at cleaning up a mess. Not even now with the paper towels. He'd left a string of  paper behind him. It didn't come off, like he thought.

He sighed wishing the silence would wear on, but it didn't. Caitlin pulled the paper towels apart and frowned at him as if, she knew. She knew exactly what kind of messes he was capable of. Timo could barely breathe.

"Why won't you talke about it?" Her words were like thunder and he knew exactly what she meant.

"About what?" He stared at her as if maybe, just maybe, he'd intimidate her.

"Oh, you know what its about." She glared right back.

For a second he thought she might have growled. She was really pissed.

He tried to cough. It wasn't a laugh. She was very good at staring him down.

Timo gritted.

"Look..." He tried to make the words come out. "I..I know Megan is your best friend...but..but..." He wanted to confess something, but he couldn't, not even now. No, he remembered how he reacted when Megan first told him about the baby. "You don't have to fight her battles. You don't need to. I don't know what she said..but..but you, can't let her get you worked  up like this." He hugged himself as if maybe she might start a fist fight next. He hopes she didn't hit him. "You, might a personality disorder, Cait." He didn't dare look at her directly.

"Personality disorder!" She shot back. The kitchen echo sent shivers down his spine. "If anyone has a personality disorder, its you!" She poked him right in the chest so hard he thought she might have punctured something. Possibly, just his soul, but he was pretty sure she didn't think he had one of those, either.

"Cait, look..things are different now. Some just have to let go. You have to." He had. Why did she have to bring this up? Now? He hadn't even asked about the baby. He didn't want to know. It was best to stay mute. Stay silent.

But he was pretty sure if he didn't tell Hattie everything, Caitlin would.


ellie said...

That was good about the personality disorder. Seems to be a hot topic these days.

ivy's closet said...

Ouch! But I'm glad she's putting him on the spot.

Chris Ed said...

Interesting situation! have a nice week!

Cafe Fashionista said...

He needs to be put on the spot for once! :/

Sara Gerard said...

I think he needed this push!