Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Totally ridiculous

"You are kidding, right?" Alfie kept staring at his laptop screen, wondering what his childhood friend, Natalie really thought when she saw his face on the screen. It couldn't be good. And now she was wanting the four of them to have dinner on Skye.

"No, it'll be fun." She made it sound like the latest craze. Of course, she would know, being the newlywed and all.

"How does it work? We all have to have a laptop?" He squinted hard as he turned to see Izzy  squish the pink tennis ball between her teeth and chomp on it as if this had to be eaten now. He had left the screen momentarily to get it from her.

"Where did you go? Alfie?" Naturally, Natalie had to over dramatize as if Alfie might be watching a live performance. He supposed it was.

"Just had to keep Izzy from eating her toy." He held the flat ball full of slobber. He couldn't help but make a face of disgust.

"She didn't poo did she?" Natalie wasn't fond of animals. She would think the worst, he guessed.

"No. She wouldn't do that. She's a smart dog." He told her.

"So tell me more about Liza." Natalie wanted to meet her. And they would. All they needed were to connect. They could squeeze in using just the two laptops they had.

"Nothing to tell." Possibly, he was being evasive. He didn't want to get his hopes up. He hadn't exactly had a great track record with women. It was as if he couldn't get all the details in the right places. There were always a mystery of who they really were. Alfie felt he'd never known the real Sheila, and Hattie was not the Hattie he knew now. Maybe a part of him was a bit envious of what Hattie had with Timo. Why couldn't it have been like that with him?

"Oh, come on. I want to know who you like." Natalie smiled.

"Well, I don't know Hal." Alfie informed her. She hadn't even spoke about him. "How long have you been married now?"

She couldn't even tell him. If things were that perfect, she'd even know how many hours.

"I don't want to make this all about Hal. OK? This is about you. Things are fine with Hal." Natalie told him.

"Just fine?" He bet they got a divorce or something. Maybe that was envy, again. Maybe he wanted her to come home.

"Its great. Really. I love him. He's quiet. He's so quiet. But we are OK. We took a dance class together." She told him.

"Oh, really." He bet they didn't dance nearly as well as when Nat danced with him. Now they had rhythm. Although, that was not everything that made a relationship work. He'd had a lot of rhythm with Hattie too.

"Have you taken Liza dancing?" Natalie smirked.

"Then she'd know all my moves." Alfie smirked back. He honestly doubted he'd ever take her dancing. He couldn't see Liza wanting to go to the club.

"You, should dance with her. You have too. You do." Natalie smiled as if it was his secret weapon, but Alfie rolled his eyes as if that would be totally ridiculous.


ellie said...

I'm glad he's talking to Natalie.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sounds like a plan! :)

ivy's closet said...

I like the idea of them dancing.

Sara Gerard said...

Natalie seems a bit pushy, but not bad!