Wednesday, April 24, 2013

always in reverse

"Oh, MY GOD." Hattie looked at Alfie as if he'd lost it. "How could you? Is Liza OK?"

Hattie felt terrible for the girl. Anyone could see, Liza was not an alcoholic drinker. She was frail. So pale.

"You should have taken her to the emergency room." She told him as he gave her a festered look there in the kitchen as he was eating buttered toast and marmalade.

"Its not a big deal." He winced as if why would she have a problem. "You've done tons worse. Besides, she..she doesn't have insurance."

Hattie sucked in a breath. Maybe she shouldn't dwell on it.

"I just cared.. about her." Hattie at least had to say.

"I do." He winced back as if it were none of her business.

"'s a very nice person, Alfie." Must she remind him.

"Yeah, I know." He finished up his breakfast.

Hattie crossed her arms as if that would be enough to hide her baby bum, but it was so noticeable.

"Well, you have to be careful with her." She couldn't help to be a bit livid. Maybe it was the hormones. Did she have to tell him how much she wanted them to be together? Of course, she knew he'd take it the wrong way and do his damnedest to not want anything to do with Liza.

"What? You saying she's too good for me?" He asked as he was sliding into his denim jacket.

Hattie did her best to stay even lipped. It was working. Truly working. She gave him a sore look.

He left and she couldn't help but smile.


ellie said...

I suppose Hattie is looking out for him in her own way.

Sara Gerard said...

Hattie is already the parent! At least with Alfie :P

ivy's closet said...

Hattie just has a way.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Poor Hattie. :/