Thursday, April 11, 2013

either or

"Are you sure its the right thing to do?" Natalie wondered what Alfie did to get a car from his employer. Did she dare ask if he was sleeping with her? "I hope you said thank you."

"Yeah, I did. Big time." Alfie said over the phone. He was still on cloud nine about it. He'd called her first with the news when he got home.

"What do you mean?" Natalie winced. "You called me first? Are you going to tell Liza?" She'd hoped Alfie had found a best friend. She felt as if he was still relying on her like he used too. This was good and bad. But they were so far away from each other. She was in England and he was in the mid-west.

"Yeah, sure." He didn't sound like he would when he got off the phone with her.

"You need to do something nice for her." Natalie insisted.

"I'm nice to Liza." Alfie's laugh crack. She wasn't sure how serious he was.

"She's a nice person. And you have to think of something nice." She hated to nag, but who would? "Did you call your Mom? Or your Dad?"

"Why should I?" He was so indifferent now.

"When? When is the last time you've seen them?" Now Natalie was peeved.

"I can't remember." He fumed as if she might as well have told him she was making a boiled cabbage dinner.

"Alfie." Now she did sound a bit mad yet sad. "You need to call them. Please. Next time, I want you to tell me, if you called them."

"OK." He was in a huff.

"I'll know if you are a liar." She informed him. "I'll be calling Liza."

"Hey..its that something like blackmail?" Alfie yelped back.

"Maybe. Somebody has to do this. And its me." Natalie didn't want to be mean, but he was like a little brother who wouldn't quite grow up. Of course, her other child, who so happened to be her husband, was in the next room working on a crossword puzzle. It was hard to say if the men in her life were babies or old farts.


ellie said...

Oh, Nat does sound like a big sister.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Natalie has a lot on her plate with these guys. :/

ivy's closet said...

What a funny ending.

Anonymous said...

luv it!

Chris Ed said...

Cool ending!