Monday, April 29, 2013

it'll be summer soon

"That must have been a scare?" Sammi smiled at Liza who was working at the zoo gift shop. Sammi had came to the gift shop to see if their were any post cards of the new lion cubs. Of course, they didn't have any. She guessed she was going to have to rely on her Android phone camera, after all. at the Cat House. She would send Logan and Alex some pictures so they could see how much they'd grown.

Liza looked a bit suspicious of Sammi.

"Oh, please don't be mad at Alfie," Sammi said with a wince. "Actually, Hattie told me. She got it out of him about the wine. He's not spreading gossip. Sorry." Sammi kept her voice quiet. She was really making this worse instead of better. She turned quickly in her loafers. Sammi was sporting her plaid summer shorts today with her pale yellow sweater set.

She grabbed some new post cards, and some gummy worms. She knew Logan would love them. It was going to be sad without those two this summer, but she was getting another care package ready for Alex and Logan.

Soon she gave Liza an update. How Logan was working in a lab.

"I don't even know if I remember what they look like, anymore." Liza finally admitted as she rang up Sammi's loot, which included a couple of new Zoo T-shirts.

"I bet they've both grown up a lot," Sammi said. "I think Alfie's grown up a lot too. You know, he's going to have Paul all on his own once again."

"Really?" Liza winced as if that was weird.

"Paul's mom likes to travel in the summer. I guess Paul likes staying home." Sammi told her.

"He hasn't mentioned it to me." Liza shrugged.

"I'm sure Smed and I can watch Paul from time to time, know, you and Alfie want to do something." Sammi then offered.

Liza let a smile slip. Sammi had a good feeling about this. Alfie would definitely take them up on their offer.


Cafe Fashionista said...

Summer can't get here soon enough! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Well that went from awkward to pretty good!

ellie's desk said...

I hope it'll be a good time for Paul. I always feel bad for him. Sometimes.