Monday, April 1, 2013

just a chat

"I can't believe you are going to all this trouble, when we're just going to be on video?" Hal looked at Nat as if she was going way beyond the call of duty in friendship. Here they were in matchy match royal blue sweaters. It felt like getting ready for a game show, with food.

"Its pasta. OK? Its not that big of a deal." She put the pasta bowl in his place. It was full of chicken primavera with broccoli and carrots. "Now, I want you to be nice." She ordered.

"All right." He didn't look all that happy about it as he took his seat.

"It'll be great, you'll meet his friend. She'll meet you." Natalie was a bit sing sang about it, as she danced about. Their evening with Alfie and Liza was about to start.

"Yeah, so you say." He really wasn't that fond of Alfie. Hal thought there was much more to Nat and Alf's friendship than Natalie would admit. Had they ever kissed? Were they really just friends. "You use to dance with him."

"We, were in a play. How many times do I have to go over this, with you?" She looked perturb. Well, he was kind of perturbed too. "Just, behave yourself."

So they got in their positions. Pasta bowls as well as themselves squeezed in. And she clicked in to the video chat.

"Hi!" Nat put on her biggest smile. Hal felt as if they were selling something. Perhaps love and togetherness was what they were selling. He did want Alfie to know that Natalie was his now, and would never be his again.

"What's up," Alfie annoyed Hal immediately with his goofy grin. They weren't sitting with pasta, but Hal thought he'd have a bite while it was still hot, but Natalie elbowed him.

"What is the point-" Hal mumbled. He was going to eat.

He looked at Liza on the screen. Honestly, she was quite pathetic, he thought. Her curly hair pulled back and those obnoxious librarian glasses she wore. Purely, pitiful. What on earth did Alfie see in her, he thought.

Of course, Natalie started off about the weather. It had been raining. It was cold.

"Cold here, too." Liza cut in. "Uh," now she looked at Alfie as he needed to help her.

"A little snow this morning." Alfie nodded.

Hal wasn't sure if he could stand this any longer, but Natalie persisted. She told them about her visit to the library, how she and Hal's sister went to see THE HOST. She made it sound as if they never did anything together.

Hal did his best to smile as he let his wife do all the talking.

Liza said she couldn't remember the last film she'd seen in the theater. Hal looked at Natalie. Hopefully, Natalie could see Alfie and Liza were doing all right. They didn't her help.


Sara Gerard said...

Kinda awkward, I hope these chats get better for them all!

ellie said...

I still wonder what Natalie sees in Hal.

ivy's closet said...

Oh, Hal. Just when I thought he was better, he's not.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Awkwardness abound! :/

lucy and sarah said...

I like that they are trying to be closer to each other this way.