Tuesday, April 9, 2013

just an idea

Alfie was getting nervous. He could hardly wait until Paul's mother got home from work. Still, he was afraid what she'd have to say. Would she go for it? Him buying the car from her. But he couldn't help it. Maybe he was in love with the KIA Soul.

He knew it, so well. He knew how the gas mileage worked. He always got it checked out on routine runs to the car place where she purchased it. Honestly, he was proud of the vehicle. It was the newest car he'd ever been in.

His Dad was in to junk cars. Supposely, he loved to flip cars, but everything sounded like an on Army jeep in the end. After all, he was a jeep mechanic when he was in the Army. Now, it was just a hobby.

But Alfie's grades or something was never good enough to have his own car. And then the divorce happened. And it was as if it split the three of them up. Dad had a little apartment now. His Mom had her own place. Some new family lived in the house he grew up in. Maybe that's why he never went home. There was no  home to go home too.

Besides, Paul's house was definitely home. There was a designer kitchen. And a showcase upstairs. The basement even had a GO TO room in case of an intruder or a tornado. A part of him wished Paul's Mom would just adopt him, and be done with it. But he was in his early twenties now even if everyone, half the time, mistook him for a 15 year old. It was hard to grow up, especially, when no one thought you were grown up.

Finally, Paul's mother Vanessa arrived. She looked as if her dress suit alone would have blown Alfie's wardrobe budget for the next five years. Since Alfie was wearing pants he wore when he was sixteen. He really hadn't grown that much. Sure there were rips in the jeans. He did have boney knees.

Naturally, he gave her a full report on Paul's day. Where they'd went, who Paul had seen, and if he was reading, or done his home work.

"Look, Vanessa." Alfie said as he was about to leave. "Can I..I ask you..about the KIA?"

"What happened?" She looked at him startled as she was going through her mail in the foyer. "Should I trade it in?"

"Oh, no. Its..great." Alfie grinned. "Uh, well, is there anyway..I might could buy the car from you, or rent  it...or..I-I want that car." He knew he shouldn't ask. He had no right too, but he couldn't help himself. Things would be so much better if it were his basic transportation.

She looked at him as if she didn't know what he was going on about.

He knew he was asking too much. She'd probably want him to never come back.

"Actually, I was wanting to trade it in." She shrugged. He should have expected that. She wanted the latest things, but usually they were left untouched. Sort of the way she was with Paul. She wasn't exactly the touchy feely kind of Mom, but she wanted him to have the best.

"But, there is nothing wrong with it. Its..perfect." He'd grown to love the little SUV.

"Sure." She grinned then, with a shrug. "I owe you big time. Its yours." She acted as if were no big deal.

"Really? Are you sure?" Alfie couldn't help but smile, all over. It was like winning the lottery.


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lucy and sarah said...

oh wow..I can't hardly wait to see what's next.

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ellie said...

Yeah! For Alfie!

ivy's closet said...

Great things are looking up for him.

Sara Gerard said...

Wow, what a sweet ending to this post!

lucy and sarah said...

Wow! His lucky day.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hooray for Alfie! :)