Saturday, April 6, 2013

rebounds and so on

"What's so funny?" Liza guessed it was true. Alfie was in love with Natalie. It was so simple. Why didn't she know?

Alfie cleared his throat.

"I'm not in love with Nat. Sure, I care about her. She's..she's like a sister. Really." He sighed, but she watched him squirm just a bit as if maybe he had some doubts. He bit into a fry. She sipped on her shake.

"I have been in love twice," he said. "And I suck at it."

He looked upset, but he played with a fry in his ketchup.

"It couldn't be that bad." Liza tried to smile, she really hadn't meant to make him sad.

"Well.." He blew a breath. "I'm just not good at this kind of stuff." He told her about Hattie. How she used to be. How he didn't even know she was on drugs when he first met her. "I liked dancing with her. I just wish..that had been enough." He cleared his throat as if he really wasn't sure he wanted her to know about the other person. "I don't even think she loved me. This..this other person. I should have known it was wrong from the very first moment."

"Maybe..she was the rebound girl." Liza decided. She tried a fry then. Seriously, this conversation was making her not hungry.

"Yeah, right." He rolled his eyes.

Liza didn't need to know anymore. At least, she did know he was far more experienced that she was. She'd never really even kissed a guy. It didn't seem likely it would happen anytime soon, either.


ellie said...

I think she's a good friend to have.

Sara Gerard said...

Aw, I am glad she is enjoying herself though!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm glad she's having fun! :)