Wednesday, April 17, 2013

somewhere in the meadow

"I remember the day I got my own washer and dryer," Liza said as Alfie drove. "I couldn't wipe that silly smile off my face, either. It was my first major purchase."

"Well, I didn't actually purchase it, but still, its mine. I have my own car." He had no idea how empowered he'd feel, but he did. Sure, it was great to have his scooter, but this felt so manly. He felt as if finally, he'd arrived in a man's world.

Of course, that meant responsibility. Maybe, Liza didn't look at him any differently. Lord knows, when he might be capable of a stache, but this made him feel spectacular.

He'd brought along Izzy, his big dog, for the ride. Even if it was a bit nippy out, he had his Frisbee. He knew Izzy would enjoy the afternoon. Thankfully, she didn't get into his picnic.

Finally, they arrived to the park. He carried the food and even the old quilt.

"Gosh, I can't remember the last time I even went on a picnic," Liza said as he sprang out the quilt that gently landed on the grass. Izzy, naturally, bedded down first. At least, Liza didn't seem to mind. Izzy was behind Alfie as he got the food out.

He'd even brought wine.

"How did you, get that?" Suddenly, Liza was the alcohol police.

"Relax." Alfie poured her some in a glass goblet. "Something Alex left behind."

"Does he even know you took it?" She looked at him as if no way would she drink stolen wine.

"I dunno. Does he?" Alfie was a bit impish as he took a sip. He bet Izzy would enjoy this sweet stuff if Liza didn't. "Just try it."

She rolled her eyes, but finally took a sip. Then another. And another.

Alfie began to laugh. He couldn't believe it. Liza was starting to smile too.

He got out the boneless chicken that was barely warm now, but still good. Liza nibbled on a leg, but it was the wine she took too. He poured her a second glass. He topped his, meanwhile, thinking she might drink the whole bottle.

Honestly, he didn't know what he was expecting, but this was turning out a whole lot better than he ever imagined.


ellie said...

I hope that wine wasn't a bad idea.

Cafe Fashionista said...

The wine doesn't seem like a smart move. :/

ivy's closet said...

Oh, my goodness.

Sara Gerard said...

They are so cute! Love this idea of a picnic!

lucy and sarah said...

Oh..this could be trouble.