Monday, May 6, 2013

a friend in need

"Are you OK?" Liza hadn't expected for Hattie to show up at the zoo. "Did you walk all the way here?"

She had to sit down. There were blisters on her tired feet. Liza went to get some juice. It was warming up out there as the day wore on. Those clouds were burning up and the sun was in full force.

"What are you doing here?" Liza hated to ask, but she was a little worried. After all, Hattie was pregnant.

"I'm OK." Hattie thanked her for the bottle of juice. "I wanted to know if I could do it. You know, walk here."

"Why?" Liza looked at her as if she'd lost her mind.

"Walking is good for me, in my condition. It does the body good." Hattie sighed as if she might put herself to sleep.

"That's a good five miles from where you live." Liza reminded her.

"Is it? It can't be that far." Hattie looked at her blankly.

Liza looked at her feet. Those blisters looked painful. She went to get something for blisters in the closet where they kept band-aids and things for little injuries.

"So how is everything with you and Alfie?" Hattie wanted to know while Liza cleaned up her feet.  "You're not mad at him, are you?"

Liza looked up at her wondering why she was so worried.

"We're fine. But you're not going anywhere for the next hour. When I get off work, I'll take you home." Liza said.

Hattie smiled as if she knew exactly what she was doing. It was as if she wanted Liza to see Alfie.


ivy's closet said...

Oh..what's Hattie up to?

Cafe Fashionista said...

Hattie is definitely on the right track! :)

Sara Gerard said...

Hattie! lol, she took one for the team!