Monday, May 13, 2013

you never know

"You are not a match maker." Caitlin hated to pop Hattie's bubble, but it was time to let this go with Alfie and Liza.

Hattie was helping Caitlin clean up. It was easy to see that Hattie wanted to give Alfie and Liza some time alone. They were out in the back yard looking at the pool. At least Liza was sitting next to him and their feet were dangling in the shallow waters.

"If it happens, it'll happen." Caitlin shrugged as she rinsed another dish to put in the drainer.

"Why doesn't he get it? She's perfect for him." Hattie dried a plate to put away. She was in a maxi tank dress that exposed her baby bump to its fullest. Caitlin couldn't help but stare, wondering how skinny Hattie would be after she had her baby.

"Maybe he thinks she's too perfect." Caitlin shrugged as she went back to the dishes. "Maybe, its just not his time. And who knows, she might meet some rich Leo DiCapri type at the gift shop."

Hattie gave her a look that Caitlin didn't have to be such a downer.

"I'd just let him figure it out." Caitlin informed her. "Besides, you do have a baby to worry about."

 Hattie smiled.

"Gavin and Timo's parents are coming next week." Hattie finally gritted. "I wonder what their dad is like. They never talk about him."

"I dunno. But one thing for sure, its a good way to see what they'll look like in the future." Caitlin didn't mean to sound like an old wives' tale, but there was some truth in it.


ivy's closet said...

It'll interesting to see what their father is like.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm excited to 'meet' their father. :)

ellie said...

It will be interesting.

Sara Gerard said...

Oh how awesome! I think Hattie's match-making is kinda working out!

lucy and sarah said...

I love that Hattie has helped Liza and Alfie.